ESC Enclosure of NLS

$ 30

Shipping from our warehouse in China within 3 days

Inside Camber Size/ Biggest ESC that fit in: 96mm X 96mm X 30mm

It comes with :
1. A complete Plastic battery Enclosure
2. ON/OFF Switch that’s compatible with Meepo ESCs.
3. An Aluminum base plate that you can screw a small ESC on.
4. Heat Sink Silicone Rubber Thermal Insulation Conductive Pad, to be put between your ESC and the base plate.

Note: This Enclosure doesn’t fit with deck of Meepo V1 V1.5 V2.
You will to take care of the cable wires between ESC to Battery on your own.
You will need to take care of drilling holes to assemble this Enclosures.
Any failure in DIY upgrades is not covered by warranty.