ESC ( Electronic Speed Controller or motor controller)

$ 65

Ships in 3 days

The ESC comes pre-assembled.

Items included in the ESC with Case
1 x Motor Controller
1 x Power Switch
1 x Battery Meter
1 x Aluminum Heat Sink
1 x Motor Controller Enclosure
4 x Controller Mount Screws

This ESC offers a max speed of 25 mph on all Meepo Boards.

You may need to buy a remote for this ESC.
Buy the MR30 adaptor to make this ESC compatible with hub motors.

  • As a safety feature, this ESC disables acceleration and only allows braking whenever the battery on your remote or board is critical low.
  • This ESC is for dual motor setups. The max current is 24 Amps FOC.
  • This ESC features smart turn on, there is no need to kneel down and press a button.
  • This ESC will turn on automatically when it detects a motor moving.

This ESC is completely redesigned to be a smaller, compact ESC with new MR30-F connectors which are more reliable. The max speed on this ESC is increased to 25 mph, the main electronics are improved and the riding software is refined for better riding and brake control.