HUB MOTOR (Swappable PU)

$ 15

Ships in 3 days


Material: Urethane
Power: 250 W
Motor Type: BLDC
Wheel Diameter: 90mm
Input Voltage: 30-42V
Wheel Width: 55mm
Speed: 25mph
Color: Black

Motor comes equipped with swappable urethane

This motor currently comes with an aluminum case covered in a urethane sleeve. In the future, we hope to build a larger urethane sleeve that will measure approximately 97/107 mm and be compatible with this motor, we are also exploring options for all-terrain sleeves for this motor.

Note to our legacy customers:
Before buying extra swappable PU, please check the bolts on your motor, and pick the PU of the right size.
In May and June of 2018, all swappable motors came with a PU with 5 mm (bigger) bolts.
Order numbers before #9736 use the motors with a big bolt PU.
From early July 2018 onwards, all motors come with smaller 4mm bolts.