$ 130

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This battery:

  • will give you a total of 15.8KMs per charge with less voltage sag

  • comes standard on all Meepo Board V1.5’s and V2’s and V2P’s

  • is more powerful than the Samsung 22P battery of the original Meepo Board V1.0

Meepo Electric Skateboard Extended-Range Batteries:

All Meepo skateboards use Samsung 20R batteries as the standard battery. Why? Meepo Board motors need at least a 24 A continuous current to performoptimally. Samsung 20R (4Ah) batteries can provide 44 Amps of continuous current, as opposed to LG MH1(6.4Ah) batteries, which provide only 20 Amps Max. Meepo has used high discharge rate 10C (Samsung 20R) batteries on all of our boards since October 2017.


he case comes with a charging port built in. The charging port is a cord that connects the battery and the adapter. Whether you buy a battery or a battery with case, you will get a charging port, so you can charge it without removing it from your board. We recommended getting an extra adapter/charger for each battery, so that you can charge multiple batteries at the same time.

Battery Specifications:  

Voltage: 36V

# of Cells: 20

Capacity: 4.0Ah

Type Of Cells: Samsung 18650 20R 10C (Our most powerful option)