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The SANYO 20700B is the battery cell exclusively used in the Tesla Model S.
(with a lifetime of 3000 cycles, you can use it for years)
The Sanyo 20700B is designed to be discharged up to 3000, versus ordinary Samsung cells which are only rated for 300 cycles.
You can expect to use your SANYO battery pack much much longer than a Samsung battery pack.

This battery is for you if you:

Like speed and want to ride at max speed 90% of the time, with little to no voltage sag.
Need good range or live somewhere with LOTS of hills.
You are a heavy rider (220lbs+)


This battery will fit into your old Meepo enclosure. It is a tight fit but it does fit!
The case comes with charging port built in. The charging port is a cord that connects the battery and the adapter.
Whether you buy battery or battery with case, you will get a charging port, so you can charge it without removing it from your Meepo Board.
We recommend getting an extra adapter/charger for each battery, so that you can charge multiple batteries at the same time.

Voltage: 36V

# of Cells: 20

Capacity: 8.1Ah

Type Of Cells: SANYO 20700B