Night Riding NR Remote

$ 50

Shipping from our warehouse in China within 3 days

There are 2 variants on this NR remote.

NR Remote TypeA: Compatible with Meepo Boards V1 / V1.5 / V2 / NLS / Campus 2 (For AWD, please contact us by email)
NR Remote TypeB: Compatible with Meepo Classic

Meepo NR Remote is the first remote equipped with a built-in strong, practical flashlight.
Meepo NR remote has a high capacity 18650 battery that can be used as a remote for 10 weeks on a single charge.
It’s powerful enough for the flashlight to work for 2 hours.

Flashlight specs.
Battery: 2000mAh
LED light: 3 Watts
Luminous flux: 250-400 lm