Long Range Electric Skateboard: Shuffle V4 VS V4 ER 

Meepo is delighted to introduce our new electric longboard Meepo Shuffle V4 to the market. Firstly, we thank you for all the customers' support in purchasing our products in the past 5 years. We introduce the new product Meepo Shuffle (V4) with excellent features that will be fit for customers from all ages and professions.

Meepo Shuffle(V4) has been tested by our specialists and volunteers for thousands of times. The Meepo team is aiming at producing electric skateboards with enhanced efficiency and performance, so we upgraded many components and designs in this board. Kieran, as the CEO and founder of Meepo board, said: “I've never been satisfied with a single Meepo board, never, but this time I'm so close to a perfect board.” So, please let us introduce this essentially important product from Meepo for all of you.

This board is 36-inch long and weighs 17.1lbs. It equipped the newly-designed LYFOC ESC and and 2 powerful 640*2 hub motors.

1. Electric Speed Controller.

 - LYFOC1.0 took us 5 years to make. Our core partner LYFOC build this LYFOC exclusively for MEEPO.

 - Hardware of LYFOC- We upgraded the CPU from 8 byte X 64M to 32byte X 92MHz. This CPU provides 6 times more calculation ability than the old ESC.

 What's more the operational Amplifier modular was built right in the CPU. So this LYFOC has much lower defect rate and less bugs. Given the fact the old MEEPO escs were already the most stable ESC on the market, this LYFOC will be the most stable speed controller ever made.

 - Software- LYFOC was born with completely new coding, it's not an upgrade from the last ESC we used. It's a completely new method, with 3 current sensing resistors, Its 100% Field Oriented control, which is best for brushless motors.

 - LYFOC How does it ride? Its smooth and precise and instant.

By smooth, it means when the throttle wheel is located in one position, the board has a fixed acceleration torque. This is very important and makes your motor skateboard predictable. You can see that I can do one foot stand on the Shuffle(V4), if it is not that smooth, you will not be able to stand on it in acceleration.

By Precise, when you are accelerating or decelerating, you can always find the torque(boost or brake power) you want by moving your throttle wheel. Means, you can always get the power you want easily. You feel the board is with you, that's precise control.

By instance, with LYFOC, you say goodbye to any lag or delay. You can try pushing your throttle and leave it, do it 8 times in a second. Your body will feel exactly 8 times of acceleration sync to the movement of the throttle wheel. Same thing happens with brakes. Instant means there is no delay between your order and the reaction of the board.

2. Motor + Low Resistance

Key points can ride on grass. 

With low mechanical resistance you can ride it as a non-electric longboard.

Perfect Size: 90 x 62 same as the front wheel. Motors of V4 are now 3mm wider than the motor of V3 MEEPO hub motors remain 15Ax36v as 540Watt each. And its now increased to 4 NM torque. As a budget electric skateboard, MEEPO V4 can ride over grass. Most other hub motor budget boards cant do this.

Mechanical resistance. MEEPO hub motors, after countless times of upgrading, it is now with very low mechanical resistance. It means your MEEPO V4 can free roll for a longer distance. This is a huge advantage against belt drive esk8, because you can push ride your MEEPO V4 as riding a non electric skateboard. You can use it as a longboard no problem.

3. Deck

Key points. The concavity of the deck prevents foot soreness. You can step on wings/edges of the deck to turn easier. Lowered deck with concavity locks your shoes on deck, making it safer. Lowered deck means you have a lower gravity center, helping you build more confidence in high speed riding.

Deck of SHUFFLE has an aggressive concavity and a little lowered. And these decks are hard to produce due to the shape. In past 5 years, we have seen and tested many decks, and we realized its really important to have an aggressive and carefully designed concave as the V4.

You get 2 main benefits from these concave, first, it reduces foot arch soreness dramatically. You can figure out the difference as long as you ride on SHUFFLE.

Secondly, SHUFFLE concave is specially designed for a better turning leverage, you get edges to step on when you turn.

Thirdly, it locks your foot in the deck, down in the lowered area and the concave area. Added with our premium quality griptape, your foot will stay on deck when you are riding carving aggressively.

Fourth, the lowered deck gives you more confidence in high speed riding, because you have a lower gravity center. And a lowered deck also contributes to an easier turning.


MEEPO SHUFFLE(V4) is designed to be compatible with 8A super fast charger. Which means your SHUFFLE can get fully charged within 28 mins. When you carry a supercharger with you, You can have a rest of 15 mins and get another 10KM range restored.

We have tested this 8A super charge for more than half a year, and we don't see obvious capacity decrease or heat problems in our lab. We improved all the components associated with charging, the battery meter and the connectors everything, so as to have this wonderful SUPER fast charging function compatible. We are very confident that our SHUFFLE will stand with this crazy fast charging.

5. Truck. 

We have designed a new version of the SHREDDER trucks with much more precision. Its now a 45 degree truck versus a 50 degree truck. Lowered trucks means more pressure on bushing, means more shock absorption ability and more rebounce in turning and carving.

We use premium quality tall bushing at the biggest size of 25x19, and get wonderful rebound in this combination this time.

And with a slightly shorter wheelbase, you have wonderful flexibility with a turning radius as small as 2.2 meters.

Also, after a lot of testing, we decided to use 92A bushing for front truck, and 100A bushing for rear truck, its a common setup in downhill racing, you get good turning and avoid speed wobbles in high speed 30-50kph.

6. PU Sleeve

New formula of PU sleeve on hub motors. It is 3 times more durable than the old urethane we used to use.

We have sold more than 60000 MEEPO BOARDS over these years. And we realized there is always a weak point in hub motor esk8, the PUs worn out quickly.

Now, this time we found a company outside of the skateboard industry and built rollers for roller coasters. After a long time doing tests, we invented this formula that meets the demands of esk8. Its built- in oven is treated with high temperature, very stable chemistry.

These PUs are with great shock absorption, and great rebound, and it is wear proof, and it will not chip easily. It will last 3 times longer than the ordinary PU sleeves we used.

All in all, this MEEPO SHUFFLE is the board MEEPO has been working on for 5 years. It's the board that we input the most energy and sweat in. And we are very proud to announce it as the best electric skateboard for most people. It's not a toy, it's a monster under beauty. It's not a beginner board, it's a board with high tech and enough power to pull a heavy adult uphill fast. It's a board you can recommend to anyone.

The Differences Between V4 and V4 ER

V4 V4 ER
Range 11 miles20 miles
Battery144Wh302.4Wh, Molicel P42A
Charging Time3.5h2.5h
Weight7.8kg / 17.1 lbs8.4kg / 18.5 lbs