Meepo Board moved to a new factory a few months ago. Following several requests from the community we invited a photographer over who took a few nice shots of our assembly team, the parts and the boards. Have a look at the pictures below and find out how a new Meepo Board is being built!



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I bought a refurbished board,It’s awesome,so awesome that 35 days later I bought a new v2,Just ordered a new v3…Very excited THANKS MEEPO!

Steven Washburn October 07, 2019

Been following Kerian since he was testing his Meepo board in wet conditions, Bought one and tested it. First ride was scary getting used with the breaks. I ended on the ground with bruises on my knees but that did not stop me riding my Meepo.As a beginner. the LOW speed is just suficient. Now, Im enjoying every minute of it. sometimes switching to MEDIUM speed. Wow! you can really feel the surge in speed, Glad I bought a Meepo. No need to spend $1,200 on electric skateboard. Meepo is a great product and I recommend it.

Norman Reyes October 03, 2019

Bought a V2 early this year (2019) and after way too much time shopping have been totally pleased with Meepo. I am 54 and used to cruise my college campus so getting on this thing took me about an hour to get comfortable figuring out how not to launch myself off the front or back – and after that brief period – and one incident of accidentally trying to start out in reverse – quite humorous actually – I have been totally appreciating the endless wave. 29 mph is faster than required, but the acceleration to speed hill climbing ability is brilliant. Chillin’ on the slalom in Northern Michigan. Thank you Meepo.

Jonathan October 03, 2019

Hey MEEPO Team.
Nice Pictures – great impression of your creative workspace !

Please help to legalize the e-Scateboards in Germany by supporting the Authorities or Lobbying.

Many people are waiting to scate – but status now it is ILLEGAL in Germany on in public area.
Any Germany plus neighbours is Millions of potential Boarders.

FreeRider October 01, 2019

I been saving up hope to have enough money saved up buy Christmas,lm 50 years old and I scattered when I was in high school and don’t have the legs to push my self now,but I think you’re boards look awesome and might be the answer to start boarding again.keep up the good work 😀

John Weber October 01, 2019

So far Support has been great thank you very much for all your help😬

Fred Rudder October 01, 2019

Amazing Photos!
You guys are so great and keep up the amazing work.
You guys change the way skateboarding is and you guys are just doing such an amazing job with everything so keep doing you!
Best of luck guys!

Jai Andersen October 01, 2019

I own multiple meepo components, and my first meepo was a V2 Sanyo. I gave my og v2 to my friend and he loves it. I love Meepo products and customer service! You guys are killing it! Keep up the great work, and enjoy your holiday.

Andrew Colman October 01, 2019

It’s really nice to see the process of creating a MEEPO board and get a little insight on it.
Been looking at your products for a while now and I really wish I could get my self one so I could get around easier from school to university and back.
Buuut you know how university life goes.. XD
Best regards, Nick

Nikolay October 01, 2019

I don’t own a board, but my son does. He researched and researched and ordered a MEEPO. He loves it. I will say he rides that thing every single day. He’s added LED’s to the underside so he’s visible more at night and has so many dings and scratches but that board keeps going and going. He’s put 400+ miles on it in just a couple of months.

Brian October 01, 2019

That is quite a change from when I bought my board over 2 years ago. Keep up the good work!

Jeff October 01, 2019

Thanks for your efforts – my board (mini 2) is amazing; surfing the asphalt like never before!

Mats October 01, 2019

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