Meepo Board moved to a new factory a few months ago. Following several requests from the community we invited a photographer over who took a few nice shots of our assembly team, the parts and the boards. Have a look at the pictures below and find out how a new Meepo Board is being built!


It’s really nice to see the process of creating a MEEPO board and get a little insight on it.
Been looking at your products for a while now and I really wish I could get my self one so I could get around easier from school to university and back.
Buuut you know how university life goes.. XD
Best regards, Nick

Nikolay October 01, 2019

I don’t own a board, but my son does. He researched and researched and ordered a MEEPO. He loves it. I will say he rides that thing every single day. He’s added LED’s to the underside so he’s visible more at night and has so many dings and scratches but that board keeps going and going. He’s put 400+ miles on it in just a couple of months.

Brian October 01, 2019

That is quite a change from when I bought my board over 2 years ago. Keep up the good work!

Jeff October 01, 2019

Thanks for your efforts – my board (mini 2) is amazing; surfing the asphalt like never before!

Mats October 01, 2019

Soooo nice 👌🏾

Luqas October 01, 2019

Very nice the only problem I’m trying to buy 3 sk8 from Meepo .
I"m F abio from Teccel we’re a surf company with office in Recife PE Brazil .
Why nobody call me ; or just get in contact for making a order ….today we want just 3 sk8 so we can text make videos, in near future we1ll buy 100 or 200 maybe ..

Fabio Fellice 55 – 11 – 997337477

Fabio Fellice October 01, 2019

Great photo’s, thanks for sharing.
I’m on the brink of ordering a board and have narrowed it down to an NLS Pro or an AWD Pro. Just waiting for a review from JohnPaulYT on the AWD Pro he’s hopefully uploading in the next week or so then I’ll make a decision and order.
Many thanks for making awesome boards at good value prices.
All the best, Nigel.

Nigel October 01, 2019

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