Newest update on Meepo - Mar 3rd 

As of Feb 29th, All after-sale packages were shipped, except several cases under diagnosing.

Our after-sale team will keep replying to emails and helping with problems you met.


80% of Meepo colleagues have back to their position. We catch up with all the orders we received, and now Meepo factory is producing inventory for spring and summer.


Thanks for your concern. Shenzhen Government is doing a great job to protect us from CoronaVirus. All Meepo team members are well,hopefully everything will be fine by middle March.


Meepo reply to comment from last blog post:


Q: REPLACEABLE PU SLEEVES FOR 100 MM HUB MOTOR (2 PCS)( sold out) /// any idea when these will be available? they are currently sold out and I would really like to buy some :)


A: Replacement PU Sleeves for 100 MM hub Motor (2pcs) will be restocked on this Sunday (Mar 7th ), you will be able to order then.


Q:I ordered my board 3 days ago and still have no info about anything.


A: You can message us on Meepo website Live Chat.


Thanks again for your time.


Just got my V3. What an amazing machine! I can’t believe it goes so fast, so quick and quietly. Thank you for making this. Saving up for the ER battery so I can make long videos.

Jonathan Coradin March 28, 2020


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When will the campus 2 83mm motors be back in stock?

Cameron Alphee Souza March 09, 2020

I ordered the Halloween v3 ER recently. And shipped from United states. 1.Will it be the same board but only different grip tape? 2. Also, right after I ordered the board, when i refresh the page on meepo website it was sold out. Did I buy the last halloween v3 ER board? That is hard to believe.

Rolando David March 05, 2020


bLMjaycOQovE March 04, 2020


sLAQqHSJecPYxG March 04, 2020

Hello I messaged you guys about 3 days ago about my meepo board, that just stopped working I rode it like 4 times. I really need some help because I really want to ride the board. The power light does not turn on, on the board but it charges. I think it might be the ESC ? From research… but I only drove it in the dry warm weather and did don’t drop it or hit it. So the again I don’t know if it’s the ESC. What do you guys think ?

Daniel March 04, 2020

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