Update - Meepo ESC V6.0 - Flux version

Today, we are very excited to release the Meepo ESC V6.0 - Flux version.

(All Meepo boards shipped since 1st Nov.2019 are already with this upgraded Flux ESC v6.0)

We call it FLUX because it rides as smooth as you would ever want.
And we have seen many happy Meepo board owners there. Saying they are very pleased with this awesome ESC - Flux version. (Yes the Flux Version ESCs were equipped on more than 400 Meepo Boards shipped. including V3/V3ER/ MINI2ER /NLS Pro )

We developed this MEEPO ESC 6.0 Flux with LINGYITECH® 
By the way, LINGYITECH® ESCs were equipped on more than 1.2 million electric skateboards already.

What's new with the FLUX ESC?
Lets first have a look at the old MEEPO ESC.
when youre at a speed (say 25kmh) and your remote is at 80% throttle.
Now you decide to release the throttle. And youll still be going the same speed 25kmh. Now throttling to anything less than 80% wont do anything, but once it catches on at >80%, it will jerk a bit.   -  Described by Spooky_Ghost/Jinra

And now with ESC Flux, engage your remote throttle will always be smooth. The acceleration will accumulate little by little as your throttle moves forward.
What’s more, releasing the throttle and reengage the throttle will accelerate to a speed that exceeds the top speed of the ride modes.  It means you can ride faster on the LOW or ECO mode without changing riding modes. It's very intuitive and convenient. And it's safe, whenever you brake, the accumulated speed is erased.

Let's have a look at the hardware.
Comparing to the old ESCs,  Meepo ESC 6.0 - Flux is with upgraded MOS and ROM. Weak spots in the electronics were all fixed with this upgrade in electronics.

Meepo ESC Flux is sealed with silicone rubber gel at 200-celsius degrees.
Based on our observation in the past, a Meepo Board lasts around 3000 Miles on average before we see an issue in the ESC occurs. And now, Meepo Board will last longer, maybe 2 years. (We have received feedback from many users saying their Meepo boards never break.)

We keep pursuing a better performance since the day we started.
we proud ourselves building Meepo Boards to have a lower defect rate.
We feel most happy when Meepo Boards last longer than many others.
Though the cost to build a Meepo Board is increasing over time, Its all worth it when you guys see the difference we are making at Meepo Board.

Let's have a look at the MR remote.
We added a setting page to the MR remote from November.
To enter the setting page, turn MR remote OFF, and press both Power and Function button at the same time.

Now you are at the SETTING PAGE.
Two functions here.
1.Function one.Matric Conversion. You can choose to use between KMH and MPH on your remote
Conversion will update speed (KMH/MPH)and ODO(KM/ML) and Trip(KM/ML).
2. Function two, Speed meter calibrate.
As the speed shown is calculated other than measured, changing motor types or wheel sizes will result in the wrong read. That’s when you need to do calibrate.

how to calibrate speed meter on MR remote?
( calibrate is not needed unless you are using your MR remote for a DIY project)
Calibration is to find out the correct value to set in your MR remote.
Step1. Set your ride mode to LOW
Step2. Ride at max speed, and somehow find out your actual speed. You can use an APP or have a car riding beside you. Say the max speed you are riding at is X.
Step3. Set a value on your remote, say 50. Then go ride at LOW mode max speed. Say the remote reads Y.
Step4. Company.
If Y is bigger than X, set the value Smaller and repeat.
If Y is smaller than X, set the value higher and repeat.
If Y is equal to X, quit.


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