Meepo NLS - The Next Level Electric Skateboard


The Board

The most advanced
Meepo Board ever

Less vibration, more comfort

Swappable powerful battery

meepo nls

Premium quality trucks
and bushings

New NR (night riding)
remote ESC with 4 riding modes

ESC with 4
riding modes

$ 599

Delivery in 4 to 12 weeks.

Delivery in 4 to 12 weeks.


The most advanced  
Meepo Board ever

New NR (night riding)
New M-Grip
Shredder II


Skateboard:  38″ Length I 9″ Width I 32.5″ Wheelbase
Top Speed: Up to 25 mph
Range:  Up to 14 miles
Hill Climbing: Up to 30% Grade

The weight of Board: 16 lbs
Weight limit of rider: 250 lbs
Power: 800 Watts
Trucks: Shredder II Trucks
Remote: NR remote

Ride Modes: 4 Ride Modes
Wheels: 100 mm X 56mm 82A
Motors: 100mm x 65mm 60 A
Charging Time: 2.5 Hours

Main advantages​

Vibration can be one of the toughest parts of riding an eskate at high speeds or over long distances. We have endeavored to build a board specifically designed to maximize rider comfort and keep you riding for as long as possible!

This will be our first board to include our specially produced bolts that make swapping out batteries a cinch!
Our 25R Samsung battery is our most powerful battery yet with the least sag, and up to 25% more range.

– 1 ply of bamboo on the surface
– A 750 gsm Tri-axial fibreglass layer with epoxy
– An 8mm bamboo I-Beam for structural support
– Another 750 gsm Tri-axial fibreglass layer with epoxy
– A strong bottom layer of 2mm reinforced bamboo with a protective coating

With 4 riding modes, our new ESC has been refined to be more responsive with no dead zone.

New Meepo NR (night riding) Remote: Our new remote features a 3W 800 Lumen light allowing you to remain visible at night with the first integrated eskate light that you hold in your hand. The NR remote features a big battery that can be used for months on one charge.

These new motors are custom designed and produced for Meepo electric skateboards. These direct drive motors are crafted to perform with 94% energy efficiency when riding at top speed and feature 17% more power than previous models.

We also feel that grip is important. You do not want the wheels on your eskate to break traction at 20+ mph. Our M-Grip tires are designed for safe speeding and fun carving at higher speed

These 100 mm polyurethane wheels are larger than the 90mm wheels on previous models. These sleeves are made of our new M-Grip material which maximizes vibration absorption. They ride better than traditional polyurethane wheels and are scratch proof. This material is also designed to better withstand high heat from hub-motors.

The NLS comes with Shredder V2 270mm 50° Longboard trucks. Shredder V2 Trucks are exclusively designed and produced by Meepo. Our Shredder hub motor trucks are built with a bigger 10mm axle rod which goes through both direct drive motors. This results in incredible stability during high speed riding and increased control for aggressive carving.

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