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We’ve all experienced our fair share of dreadful daily commutes. Not only are these trips highly repetitive and boring, more often than not you’ll find yourself stuck in traffic, late to work. With an electric skateboard, however, the boring commute suddenly becomes something fun and something to look forward to every day. Weaving through the jammed cars, electric skateboard evades traffic with ease and style. Furthermore, during the weekends, you can freely skate the city, maybe even hit up the local group rides to take part in an awesome community. Meepo is here to help more people to meet this demand. For the past five years, we strived to help more people picking up their first ever electric skateboards to soar through the city streets. Our variety of E-Boards which are incredibly popular and highly sought-after such as the Meepo V3, Meepo Mini 2, Meepo NLS Pro, NLS Belt, etc., all of which not only are the best deals you can find in the industry, offering the best performance for their respective prices, but also are designed and tested to be the best quality we can achieve. We have the most satisfied customers all around the globe to attest that claim.

Currently, we have five different electric skateboards in our collection. These electric longboards vary in price based off their performance and what they’re designed to do. We’re sure that our customers will be satisfied to find the model most suited for their needs in our vast line-up.

As the demand for electric skateboards increase, we’re more diligent than ever to ensure that our quality, performance, price & services are the best this industry can offer, maintaining our leading status and fulfil the expectations from our most loyal fans.

Why should customers choose to buy their electric skateboards from Meepo? Because we have the most thoroughly thought through design than any of our competitors. Our R&D team are made up of real users and DIY eskate builders, who knows how to design a product that suits real needs. On top of our excellent designs, we build and inspect every single unit by ourselves instead of contracting an OEM to do it for us, unlike many of our competitors. We claim that the V3 model has the lowest defect rate due to manufacturer on the market, this is hard to quantify since we can’t get our hands on the specific numbers from our competitors but hearing from our thousands of customers around the globe, we are confident that this claim is true. Furthermore, all of the boards from Meepo are manufactured from high-quality bamboo, fiberglass, Canadian Maple, and other high-quality materials.

Since the battery shortage in late 2020, instead of doing what our competitors did, which was to undercut their customers with worse cells they could got their hands on and some even went on to do so and not telling the customers about it, Meepo took a completely different approach than anyone else, by using even better, or as most DIY electric skateboard builders, arguably the best cells on the market – The Molicel P42A, in all of our products above $500 USD. We knew this was the harder way to go, since our profit margin was already slim before swapping to P42As, but to maintain our quality and keep our promises to our loyal customers, we did it anyways. Meepo was the only company that stood the trials and didn’t let their customers disappoint during the cell shortage in the past several months.

Meepo :)