Travel Battery- Flight compatible


------- FOR MINI 2 STANDARD ONLY -------
Meepo Board flight compatible travel battery

Size: 142*145*25 mm
Voltage: 36 V
Continuous discharge current: 24A
Power: 90 WH
Charging time 1.5H


Can I bring meepo board on airplane?

Yes. Meepo Board is offering a special battery that is flight compatible.

Replace your original battery with this one before your travel, and you can boarding airplane with your meepo board.

Travel battery specs:
Range: 12 Km / 7.5 Mile
Voltage: 36V (42V when fully charged)
Power: 99WhCapacity: 2750 mAh

What's in the package:
1X Travel Battery
1X Space fulfill foam (for battery assemble to original battery case)
1X Adhesive Label (To stick outside of battery case for inspection of ?airport checker)
As air-travel regulations tend to change between different airlines - Please be sure to check battery compatibility with your air-travel supplier.

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