Hurricane All Terrain Elektro-Skateboard 2021 im Test

Hurricane All Terrain Electric Skateboard in 2021 Reviewed
* Möchtest du ein elektrisches Longboard für jedes Gelände im Gelände fahren?
* Gehst du zum Pendeln, für Wochenendausflüge oder einfach nur zum Shredden Straßen zum Entspannen?
* Werden Sie es für Wettkämpfe nutzen?
* Fahren Sie bergauf/bergab Rennen?


DIY Electric Skateboard
How Much Is an Electric Skateboard

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Best All Terrain Off-road Electric Skateboard in 2021 - Hurricane

* Do you want to ride off-road, all terrain electric longboard?
* Are you going to be commuting, weekend riding, or just out shredding the streets to relax?
* Are you going to use it for competition?
* Are you uphill/downhill racing?
* How about tearing up your local BMX dirt tracks? 

For the longest time, Meepo didn't issue any all terrain longboard skateboard, but now it comes - Meepo Hurricane Electric skateboard. In this post, I would like to tell you whether it is worth owning the Hurricane.

Just like Daniel said:"In terms of performance, Meepo's main selling points wear their low price, but the hurricane is totally different. If Meepo were Toyota, and the V3 was the Camry, then the Hurricane is the Supra."

 What are the advantages compared with the previous boards? How does it feel to ride the Hurricane? What features does it lack? Should I purchase this one or something else? Is it Worthy to buy one? Don't worry, I will answer all your questions and clear up the doubt in this post.

 Before we start, we're going to look largely at the specifications of Hurricane.

Range31 miles (All Terrain)
44 miles (Street)
Weight15.6kg / 34.4lbs (All Terrain)
14.4kg / 31.8lbs (Street)
Deck3K Carbon Fiber
Hill Climbing46%
Battery12S4P Molicel
P42A 725.8Wh
Motor Power3500W ×2
TrucksDouble Kingpin Truck
Charging Time2.8h
Max Load250kg / 552lbs
Top Speed35 mph

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Meepo Hurricane:
1. Battery(MOLICEL P42A): 

At the moment, the P42A is the best 21700 high discharge cell sporting 45 Amps of continuous discharge, 4200mAh of capacity, well over 500 cycles of recharge, and the most range when it comes to extreme temperature endurance. The Hurricane carries 48 of Molicel P42As, arranged in a 12s4p configuration, giving high torque, erasing voltage sag, and more than enough range for most use cases


The Meepo Hurricane is built like a tank using T700 Carbon Fiber. This deck, alongside the battery box, keeps the battery pack well protected against any puncture or bends. Not even a car driving over the board could break the Hurricane in half.

3. ESC(LY-FOC 70B):

 Evolved from the old BLDC motor controller, LingYi FOC 70 Belt embraces FOC mode and provides smooth acceleration and braking control, as well as eliminating input lag. This ESC is also configured to 70 Amps to give phenomenal acceleration and hill climbing capabilities.

What Are Daniel Saying? 


Meepo HURRICANEMolicel P42A12S4P726Wh180A
EVOLVE HadeanUnpublished 12S4P691Wh140A
Exway Atlas Unpublished 12S3P518WhUnpublished
Backfire HammerChanghong 12S3P518Wh90A


Meepo HURRICANE DXW6374 53X40165Kv
EVOLVE HadeanDXW636853X34160Kv
Exway Atlas HW526042X40160Kv
Backfire Hammer HW637052X40155Kv


EVOLVE HadeanE-FOC Unpublished
Exway Atlas 2WDHW X Exway20A X 2
Backfire Hammer HW 902821A X 2