Electric Skateboard Kit

Begin exciting city adventures with our Electric Skateboard Kit Collection. Start your build with all the essentials for your own electric skateboard. Effortlessly weave through traffic, navigate narrow spaces, and enjoy easy commuting with the customization and thrill of your own creation.

Unsure where to start? Check out our DIY Electric Skateboard Guide and learn the steps for building your ideal ride!



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MEEPO DIY Electric Skateboard Kit 

Some of you might ask - why just buy an electric skateboard when you can build one yourself? We totally get it, for some of us skateboarding is more than just getting from point A to B. So, thrill-seekers might be searching for a ride that screams “you” from every bolt and wheel. That’s where Meepo comes in with our killer DIY kits, letting you build your dream board exactly the way you want it. 

Imagine this: you’re cruising down the street on a board that you built with your own hands, tweaking every detail to match your style and needs. It’s not just a ride, it’s your personal masterpiece. And guess what? It’s easier than you think. With MEEPO’s top-notch electric skateboard kits, you’re not just assembling a board, you’re creating an experience.

Why DIY Electric Skateboards are the Hottest Trend

Alright, so you're thinking about going DIY with an electric skateboard kit. Why? Because it's all about customization, learning, and bragging rights. Let’s break it down:

First off, building your own board means you can design it exactly how you want. With a MEEPO kit, you’re not stuck with stock options; you can create a board that’s uniquely yours. Building your own electric skateboard is like taking a crash course in engineering, but way cooler. You’ll get hands-on with all the components, learning about electronics, mechanics, and design. This means you’ll know your board inside out, making future repairs and upgrades a piece of cake. 

Another big win? It’s cost-effective. By building your own, you can control the costs, choosing components that fit your budget. You can also upgrade parts over time, spreading out the expenses. Performance is another major perk. When you’re the one picking the parts, you can optimize your board for speed, distance, or carving through the park. 

Going DIY is also more eco-friendly. Instead of tossing out a whole board when something breaks, you can replace or upgrade individual components. It’s a more sustainable way to ride. And don't forget about the community. The DIY electric skateboard scene is full of people ready to help you out. Join forums, share your build progress, troubleshoot issues, and celebrate successes with fellow enthusiasts. 

And let’s be real - there's something incredibly satisfying about cruising on a board you built yourself. When people ask where you got your board, you can proudly say you made it. 

What’s in a MEEPO Electric Skateboard Kit?

Building your own electric skateboard involves integrating several crucial components, each designed to enhance your riding experience. Below, you can explore the essential parts ranging from a flexible, durable deck made of top-quality materials, to powerful hub motors, a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, and robust trucks with high-grade wheels. Dive into the details below to start crafting your ideal electric skateboard.


Experience the foundation of skateboarding excellence with our solid, flexible deck. Made from the finest maple or bamboo, it's designed to absorb daily bumps effortlessly while ensuring a smooth ride. Not only is it durable, but its stylish design also stands out in any urban landscape.


Unleash the power of our integrated hub motors, crafted for a sleek, streamlined appearance and robust performance. These motors are built into the wheels, minimizing maintenance while maximizing speed and efficiency, giving you the thrust you need to conquer any terrain.


Our premium lithium-ion battery is a powerhouse of energy. It offers extensive range and swift charging capabilities, allowing you to ride longer and recharge quicker. Perfect for adventurers who demand reliability and endurance on the go.

ESC (Electronic Speed Controller)

The brain behind the brawn, our electronic speed controller (ESC), provides seamless acceleration and responsive braking. Pre-configured for optimal performance, it also offers customization options for those who like to tweak their ride to perfection.


Control is at your fingertips with our intuitive remote, designed for effortless management of speed and braking. It features multiple speed modes to suit your cruising style or when you want to push the limits and go full throttle.

Trucks and Wheels

Navigate with confidence on our sturdy trucks paired with high-grade urethane wheels. This combination ensures stability and excellent grip, making it ideal for any riding style, whether you're weaving through city streets or cruising along the coast.

Tools and Accessories

We've included every tool and accessory you might need to assemble your electric skateboard, from screwdrivers to a handy T-tool. With these at your disposal, putting together your dream ride is straightforward and satisfying.

With MEEPO, you get everything you need to build a high-performance electric skateboard that’s uniquely yours.

Building Your Own Electric Skateboard

Building your own electric skateboard is easier than you might think. Here’s a quick rundown of the process. However if you would like a more comprehensive guide for building an electric skateboard, make sure to check out this article; DIY Electric Skateboard | Ultimate Guide.

- Choose Your Deck: Start with a deck that suits your style. MEEPO offers a range of options from classic maple to high-tech composites.

- Mount the Trucks: Secure the trucks to your deck. Make sure they’re tight and properly aligned to ensure smooth steering.

- Install the Motor: Whether you go for a hub motor or a belt drive, ensure it’s firmly attached and aligned with your wheels.

- Attach the Battery: Position your battery pack in a spot that balances the board well. Secure it with the provided mounts or straps.

- Connect the ESC: The ESC controls your motor’s speed and braking. Connect it to the battery and motor according to the instructions.

- Sync the Remote: Pair your remote with the ESC. Test it out to make sure everything responds correctly.

- Final Touches: Attach the wheels, apply grip tape, and make any final adjustments to ensure everything is tight and ready to go.

Why Choose MEEPO for Building Your Own Electric Skateboard?

At MEEPO, we’re all about delivering top-quality, high-performance electric skateboard kits. We know what riders crave – speed, reliability, and a touch of style. Our kits feature premium components like powerful motors and long-lasting batteries, ensuring your ride is not only fast but also dependable and thrilling. 

We make DIY easy with user-friendly kits that include clear instructions and all the necessary tools. Our customer support team is always ready to help you out if you hit any snags along the way. Choosing MEEPO isn’t just about getting a kit; it’s about becoming part of a passionate group that’s as excited about electric skateboarding as you are. So, if you’re looking for a top-tier, customizable electric skateboard with unbeatable support, MEEPO is your go-to choice.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Does it Take to Build an Electric Skateboard?

Building your own board can take anywhere from a few hours to a day, depending on your experience level. The detailed instructions included in our kits make the process straightforward, even for beginners.

Can I Upgrade My Board Later On?

Absolutely! One of the perks of a DIY electric skateboard is the ease of upgrades. Swap out your motor, upgrade your battery, or even try a new deck without having to buy a whole new board.

What’s the Range of a MEEPO Electric Skateboard Kit?

Our kits typically offer a range of 10 to 30 miles per charge, depending on the battery and motor you choose. This makes them perfect for commuting, cruising, or just having fun around town.

How Fast Can MEEPO Electric Skateboards Go?

Speed varies by motor and setup, but you can expect top speeds of 20 to 25 mph. Perfect for zipping through city streets or taking on bike paths.

Are DIY Electric Skateboards Safe?

Yes, when built correctly, DIY electric skateboards are safe. Follow the assembly instructions carefully, use quality parts, and always wear protective gear when riding.

Can I Use My Electric Skateboard in the Rain?

While some components are weather-resistant, it’s best to avoid riding in heavy rain. Water can damage the electronics and reduce traction, making it unsafe.