Meepo Discount Codes, Coupons & Special Offers

Official Meepo Discount Codes for Meepo Board electric skateboards and electric skateboard accessories. To use a discount or coupon code at Meepo Board, put the item in your cart and enter a coupon code in the checkout.

Use this coupon code of $5 for any purchase over $250: MEEPODISCOUNT

Discounted boards and special long shipping sale prices will appear on the product page in the main price. You don't need a special code to get the price that appears on the product page, just proceed with checkout.

Need help using a Meepo Board discount code, coupon or have questions about our specials? Write us at customer service and we're happy to help you figure out how to get the best deal on Meepo Board electric skateboards or skateboarding accessories.