Meepo Mini 2S ER

The Meepo Mini 2s, packing all the power and performance of its predecessor, comes with new and improved hub motors making it easier to remove and replace the sleeves. This board is fully compatible with our brand new Meepo 105MM Donut Wheels offering a more comfortable and smoother ride.

*Mini 2S - 20 miles  in local stock( US /Canada ) - Free shipping

20 miles
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Compact. Agile. Powerful.


At a Glance

10/20 Miles Range 

Perfect for daily and campus commute

29 Mph Top Speed 

Fastest in its class


Smooth and precise control

540W x 2 Hub Motors 

Insane power

30% Hill Grade

Go uphill easily

4 Riding Modes

Beginner to Pro

330 lbs/ 150kg 

Max Load 

7" Meepo Shredder Truck

Stable riding at high speeds

Dish Shaped Deck with Kick-tail - Super Stable and Ultra Manoeuvrable
The dish shaped deck will keep your feet locked in, allowing for a more controlled and responsive ride. Superior control lets you really dig into every turn.Use the kick-tail to take sharp turns, easily ride over bumps and cracks, and expertly maneuver your board keeping your ride thrilling and fun.
Powerful and Stable
The board features powerful 540W x 2 motors enabling you to reach an astonishing speed of 29 mph/46 kph. As one Mini 2S owner described it, "the ride is so smooth, you almost feel like you're ice skating".
Small and Mighty. Compact and Portable
At only 33.8" long, the Mini 2S fits perfectly under your desk at work, in overhead storage on buses and trains, and won't slow you down as you navigate busy public transit stations. Moreover, with a weight of just 16 lbs, it is compact and easy to take anywhere.
Time-Tested with a Sleek Classic Design
The MEEPO Mini series has been widely acclaimed and among our best selling electric skateboards since 2019. The board of choice by riders of all levels, from seasoned skateboarders to those just learning the sport, the Mini 2S comes with a classic design and timeless look that won’t go out of style.
Compatible With 105mm Wheels
The new and improved hub motors make it easier to remove and replace the sleeves. This board is fully compatible with our brand new MEEPO 105MM Donut Wheels offering a more comfortable and smoother ride.


Powerful & Compatible Hub Motor

-Packing all the power and performance, well beyond the previous generation board. 

-Comes with new and improved hub motors making it easier to remove and replace the sleeves.

7" Meepo Shredder Die-casting Truck

-Custom trucks carefully crafted for stable riding at high speeds.

-Made with aluminum alloy, which is lighter and more versatile.

Battery for Mini 2S-18 Miles

- Composed of Samsung A-class cells in 10S2P40T configuration.

- Best in-class battery, costing twice as much as the batteries used in competing boards.

8 Ply Canadian Maple Deck

- Solid and built to last. 

- Provides excellent strength and bounce

- Dish shaped with kicktail - perfect for doing tricks

105mm Donut Wheel Set

- Excellent shock absorption.

- Provides a more comfortable, stable riding experience.

M4S Remote - Convenience Meets Security

- Control the acceleration & braking modes independently

- The large, clear screen improves visibility of all your board and riding stats, making your ride safer. 





11 miles / 18 km

20 miles / 32 km

Top Speed




8 layers of true Canadian maple

8 layers of true Canadian maple




Hill Climbing




10S2P-20R, 144Wh

10S2P-40T, 288Wh




Motor Power




7" Meepo Shredder Die-casting Truck

7" Meepo Shredder Die-casting Truck

Charging Time



Max Load

150kg / 330lbs

150kg / 330lbs


 90mm*60mm, 78A

 90mm*60mm, 78A


16 lbs / 7.27 kg

18 lbs / 8.18 kg

What‘s in the box ?


User Manual

M4S Remote

Skate tools

42V / 1.5A Charger (11 miles)

42V / 3A Charger (20 miles)

DC Cable

USB Cable for Remote


How long will the shipping take?

Delivery time will be shown at check out.

Is there any warranty?

We offer a 6 month warranty, for more details please refer to our warranty policy

Why there is no update for my parcel tracking status?

Tracking status goes live when your board lands in the destination country, until them it remains “in transit”.

Can I reach the top speed and get the best range when I ride?

Our data was measured under ideal conditions. Some factors that could affect your speed and range are: rider's weight, terrain, wind resistance, temperature, speed and brake mode.


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