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About Meepo Board.

Meepo Electric skateboard is a direct-to-consumer China-based company that specialises in making powerful, high-quality yet affordable electric skateboards since 2017.

Meepo is a very popular choice for those who need a better way to commute on an everyday basis, have fun, and save money in the long run.

There are more than 60,000 riders riding on Meepo boards all over the world.


Currently we're looking to fill the following positions:

We offer a great internship where you can work with the MEEPO team out of the Shenzhen HQ.

Part time or full time, for a minimum of3 months. It's preferred if you're overseas students studying in China, or Chinese student who has studied abroad and now live in China. We guarantee a fun journey and you may see the whole picture of our Interesting company. 


MEEPO is a growing brand in electric skateboarding market. We are looking for experienced full-time partner from overseas. We prefer if you can work in Shenzhen HQ with us however we are open to online work. If you are interested in the challenge of bringing Meepo Boards to more people please get in touch!