PU Sleeves


Meepo Board motors PU polyester urethane sleeves are replaceable. This item comes with PU and metal sleeve and bolts you need to assemble it to your motor core. 

If you plan to upgrade your wheel size from 90 mm to 100 mm, please make sure you have a 265 mm front truck or 245mm truck, and 100 mm front wheels or 97 mm front wheels.


In our PU sleeve, we replace also the magnetic chips of a motor. It means that if your motor is old with a worn out chip PU and decreased power because of magnetic loose, you can replace BOTH the PU and the magnetic part! It will not only give you a new looking PU but also IMPROVE the power of your motor to be as good as a new motor!
This is the big advantage we have with our replaceable PU for hub motors. We renew/ restore the power and your motor will be as powerful as a new one. This is a major advantage that Meepo can offer to its existing customers.
It's compatible with V2 purchased after October 2018, V3, NLS and Classic (yes, you can use 100mm PU on your 90mm motors). It's NOT compatible with Campus 2, V1, V1.5, City Rider.