AWD Pro & Bag Bundle (US only)

$869 $898

Buy an AWD Pro and an electric skateboard bag together and SAVE $29!

US only




Our AWD-Pro skateboard is so powerful! It features 2160 watts coming from four 540 watt hub motors. Crafted to accelerate rapidly, break with precision, and power riders up hills, the AWD is our most powerful skateboard yet. It’s our #1 board for heavy riders or riders living in hilly areas. The AWD-Pro, outfitted with all-wheel-drive, has capabilities other boards dream of. Its hill-climbing skills are unparallel (35%!) and riders report it as the most responsive Meepo board yet.

Save $29 when you buy an AWD-Pro together with a convenient and specially-designed electric skateboard bag. This awesome bag stores Meepo boards that are 38” or 41” in length and comes with two pockets. Meepo riders who use the bag love the extra pockets, designed to fit safety gear, a GoPro, and even a drone.

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