AWD Pro & Shredlights Bundle

$864 $899

Buy an AWD Pro and Shredlights together and SAVE $35!




Could this be the most powerful hub motor electric skateboard yet? Featuring 4 hub motors of 540 watts/each for a total of 2160 watts, this powerhouse of a board is waiting for a challenge. Outfitted for performance, the AWD-Pro can accelerate fast, brake with precision, while giving a smooth, symmetrical ride. Our all-wheel-drive model is the #1 electric skateboard for uphills. And because of its power and all-wheel-drive mods, this board is our go-to choice for riders approaching the weight limit (300 lbs/136 kgs).

This exclusive package includes world-famous Shredlights, the world’s best lights designed for electric skateboarding. Skate at night well-lit with dual headlights by Shredlights. These white LED lights can be set at 25, 100, or 200 lumens depending on your needs. The flash mode comes with three different flashing modes. This is a new model, featuring up to 150 hours of battery life.

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