Meepo Board All Wheel Drive Electric Skateboard - Best Skateboard for Heavy Riders and Hills
Meepo Board All Wheel Drive Electric Skateboard - Best Skateboard for Heavy Riders and Hills
AWD Electric Skateboard - Top View with Grip Tape, Handles, Top of Wheels View
Meepo Board AWD-Pro - Under Deck View of AWD ESC, Battery, Handles, Wheels
Meepo Board Electric Skateboard with All Wheel Drive - Side View, Grip Tape, Handles, Hub Motors
Meepo AWD-Pro Side View - Electric Skateboard with All Wheel Drive

Meepo AWD PRO- electric skateboard with 4 motors in wheels 1600 Watt!


  Real-World range 15 Miles / 24.2 km

   The most powerful hub motor e-board

   34 Mph / 55 Kph Top Speed 

  6 months warranty(Standard warranty)


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34 mph/ 55 kph Top Speed

15 miles/ 24.2 km Range

Up to 35% Grade Uphill

23 lbs / 10.6kg Board Weight

4 X 540 Watts Hub Motors

M4 (AWD) remote

AWD Pro Battery *2

300lbs/136kgs Weight Limit


Shredder Trucks

100 mm X 58 mm 78A Wheel size

Regenerative Brakes (22%)

7 Ply Canadian Maple +2 Ply Bamboo Deck

"40″ Length I 9.5″ Width I 32.5″ Wheelbase "

- In a Nutshell -

The AWD Pro might be the most powerful hub motor electric skateboard ever built.

It’s an improved version of the AWD. This fierce 40” longboard skateboard features a powerful upgrade to its motors. The previous version had 4 hub motors x 300 (1200 watts) while the new and improved version, AWD Pro, has 4 hub motors of 540 watts each (2160 watts). This unique performance-oriented configuration means the AWD Pro can accelerate faster and brake faster and is designed for a fast, symmetrical ride.

The AWD Pro has more than 1000 watts of engine power than the AWD GT. It features Premium ER cells as batteries. And by the way, the logo on the deck glows in the dark.

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What's in the box?

A New AWD Pro Skateboard

USB Cable for Remote

M4 (AWD) Remote



Skate tools

3A Charger

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