Meepo Shuffle ER

$629 $659

  • 20 MILES RANGE - Great for your daily commute.
  • 29 MPH TOP SPEED - Fastest in class.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Strictly tested in real-life situations.
  • FREE & FAST SHIPPING - Free shipping USA only.


28min Fast Charge

(Using 8A Charger)


Smooth and Precise Control


Easy to master

620W*2 Hub Motors

20% More Torque (Compared to V3)

Shredder 45° Downhill Truck

Stable Cruise and Precise Carves


Certified Waterproof Rating

The Electric Skateboard That Everyone Should Own

Five years in the making, designed for everyone

Meepo V Series boards yields, to this date, the most units sold, making them undoubtedly the most classic electric skateboards on the market. Our latest board, the Meepo Shuffle, which is the 4th iteration of the V Series, is the outcome of our continuous dedication to research and development over the last 5 years. From this, the Shuffle has evolved into a board that can be enjoyed by everyone. With the press of a button, your commute goes from boring to adrenaline!

The 4th-Generation Hub Motor (620W*2)

Champion of torque and efficiency

Equipped with the latest 4th-Generation hub motors, the Meepo Shuffle boasts an impressive 20% torque increase compared to our V3 motor. More impressively it still maintains our industry renowned power efficiency. Hub motors are no longer excluded from the hill climbers club and dominates belt driven boards with its robustness, insane power efficiency and quietness.

Unparalleled Fast Charging

28 minutes from 0 to full  

Shorten the charge, lengthen the fun. (Optional 8A Fast Charger Required. Charging Time: Shuffle Standard - 28min, Shuffle ER - 58min. )


Field oriented control, now comes with Meepo

Starting with the Shuffle, all new Meepo Boards will be shipped with the brand new LY-FOC ESCs. This addition allows the board to be maneuvered much more precisely. The LY-FOC 1.0 ESC will sample input from the remote as well as the motor 1000 times per second (every millisecond), making the ride much smoother and much more beginner-friendly.

Push-Off Auto-Start

No more bending over

Turn on your electric skateboard by turning on the remote, and then push off the ground with one of your legs. You can enjoy the convenience of turning on the board without needing to bend over.

Shredder 45° Downhill Trucks

Shreds hills like nothing else

Made with A356.2 aluminium alloy and treated T6, our Shredder Trucks have always lived unto their name. After 5 years of intensive R&D looking into the consumers ride experiences, our Shredder V4 has been finely tuned. There are major upgrades to the durability, responsiveness as well as some grand aesthetic improvements. All while keep their 45 degree DNA which has the perfect balance between agility and stability.

The Meepo M4S Remote

Convenience meets security

It is the only remote where you can control the acceleration & braking modes independently. Its large clear screen enables you to see an overview of the status of your board without risking your safety. Utilizing the 2.4Ghz channel as well as a signal booster on both the remote and the LYFOC ESC, the M4S remote ensures the stable and secure connection between the board and the remote, even in the harshest of signal interferences.

 Read Manual

 Fully Charged

 Wear Helmet

 Safe Riding Mode

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