Hub Motor (Swappable PU )
Hub Motor (Swappable PU )
Hub Motor (Swappable PU )
Hub Motor (Swappable PU )
Hub Motor (Swappable PU )

Hub Motor (Swappable PU )

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Material: Urethane Power: 250 W
Motor Type: BLDC Wheel Diameter: 90mm
Input Voltage: 30-42V Wheel Width: 55mm
Speed: 25mph Color:  Black 


Motor with Swappable Urethane
Covering the motor, you will find an aluminum sleeve surfaced with urethane. In the future, we hope to build a larger motor urethane PU that will measure approximately 97/107 mm and compatible with the motor. And, it is possible to make crossover all terrain PU that is compatible with the motor. 

Above photo is a pair of motors we tested for more than one month.
meepo v2 plus motor


Note to history customers.
Before buying extra swappable PU, please have a look at the bolts on your motor.

And pick the PU with the right size.

In May and June 2018, all Swappable motors came with PU with 5 mm big bolts.
Order No.s smaller than #9736 means the motors need big bolts PU.
And from early July, all motors are with 4mm small bolts.
swappable PU



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