About us

At Meepo, we care about the riding experience, and are determined to create and build great electric skateboards. We are driven by passion and the love of e-skateboarding. All Meepo boards are carefully handmade, with the desire to provide its future owners with a high-quality product.

Our Story​​

In April 2017, Kieran, the Meepo founder and CEO, built an electric skateboard for himself and improved it until he got to the desired performance. He showcased the board on YouTube, hoping to get the attention of retailers for some B2B business opportunities. Instead, his video aroused the interest of dozens of skateboard fans abroad. Some of them expressed their interest in buying the board.

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After some back and forth, the first Kieran-made electric skateboard was sold in the US. Version 1.5 with its concave deck immediately became a best seller and offered a 10 miles range. After selling more than 10 electric skateboards in his new shopify store, Kieran started his own electric skateboard company – Meepo (named after the Dota character). By the beginning of July 2017, Meepo already had its own factory and every day 5 boards were produced. Back then, other electric skateboards were weak and slow with bad performance, and Meepo Board was the only choice as reliable high performance electric skateboard. And videos about meepo boards went viral on reddit and youtube. People would wait for 2 months to get a meepo board.


Today, more than one year later, there are more than 15K meepo boards on streets all over the world. Meepo is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric skateboards to dozens of countries around the globe. Since the early days, all boards are made in the Meepo Factory and assembled by the Meepo Team. The team is growing every month and the company is known to introduce several new models a year, reflecting the innovation of its R&D department.


We love electric skateboarding and put all our efforts into making Meepo Boards ride better

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