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MEEPO Vader - Hurricane Pro 4WD
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About Hurricane Vader 4WD

1. Redesigned TKP Trucks: Precision and Strength

- Crafted with cutting-edge CNC machining, our custom-made TKP trucks are constructed from 6061 aluminum alloy, ensuring a build that's as tough as it is sleek.

- The robust 8mm axles, fabricated with a higher grade alloy and heat-treated for extra resilience, accommodate a variety of skateboard wheels. Swap them out with ease and tailor your ride!

- Navigate with confidence thanks to the 11.5-inch wide trucks with dual-column suspension, offering high-speed stability while maintaining a sharp turning radius and responsive maneuverability.

2. Carbon Construction Deck: Robust Elegance

- Stand on innovation with our advanced carbon material deck. It’s not just about aesthetics; this board promises lightweight durability for a performance that’s both dynamic and robust.

- The intuitive dual concave footwells make for a ride where control and comfort reign supreme. Feel your positioning instinctively, keeping you anchored and agile during any ride.

3. Versatile Drive Options: Power Your Way

-State-of-the-Art Gearbox: Equipped with our latest generation gearbox, forget the worries of broken belts. Experience consistent power without the usual maintenance hassles

.- Choose your ride dynamics with options for both dual-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations, each featuring a standard gear box that stands up to the rigors of any terrain.

4. Enhanced Dual Drive: Unleash More Power

- Feel the surge of the upgraded dual motors, delivering a 60% increase in power compared to our previous models. Accelerate faster, climb steeper, and dominate more demanding terrains with ease.

5. Expandable Battery System: Go the Distance

- Designed for the long-haul adventurers, the expandable battery option allows for extended range, letting you explore more between charges

6. Premium Tires: Grip Every Ground

- Roll over challenges with our 165*72mm tubeless tires, designed for superior traction. From urban landscapes to untamed trails, your ride will be smooth, steady, and unstoppable.Say goodbye to tire wear concerns and frequent inner tube replacements. Ride with confidence and peace of mind.

7. High-Capacity Molicel Battery: Sustained Energy

- Power every journey with our 12s4p Molicel battery system, boasting high discharge rates for brisk acceleration and enduring rides. Say goodbye to frequent stops and power sag; your adventure awaits!

Compare ( 2WD and 4WD)

Hurricane Vader-2WD

Hurricane PRO-4WD


Up to 31 miles

Up to 24 miles

Top Speed




3K Carbon Fiber

3K Carbon Fiber-New concave


  997mm x 265mm / 39.2'' x 10.4''

  997mm x 265mm / 39.2'' x 10.4''

Hill climbing




12S4P Molicel P42A (725.8Wh)

12S4P Molicel P42A (725.8Wh)




Motor Power

3500W x 2

3500W x 4



11.5''CNC TKP


50.4V8A GaN charger

50.4V8A GaN charger

Charger Time



Max Load

250kg / 552lbs

250kg / 552lbs


165mm*65mm Cycolne Tires

165mm*72mm Tubeless Tires


17.6kg / 38.8lbs

20kg / 44.1lbs





365 days

365 days


Shipping straight from China, with dispatch starting on December 5th.

Shipping Details:

Method: Sea freight, for reliable and economical delivery.

Estimated Delivery: Approximately 60 business days post-shipment. Your patience will be rewarded with exceptional performance!