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Feature,: when you roll, the LED lights up, powered by the rotation of the wheels and bearings. No battery needed, comes with built-in bearings, 78a polyurethane.

For MEEPO hub motor skateboard:  V series and Mini series. Only supports replacing the front wheels (compatible with most electric skateboards on the market).

For MEEPO belt drive skateboard: All wheels can be replaced, we have dedicated pulleys and belts for you to choose.

DKP & TKP boards: Hurricane series, City rider

RKP boards: Envy,Voyager.

If you wanna use on Flow, If you want to use Flow, please contact us before purchasing

Diameter : 105mm
Wheel Width:65mm
Durometer: 78A
Color: Red
Spec: 4 wheels with Belt and Pulley for Hurricane /Flow /City Rider3