Electric Skateboard Accessories: What Should I Buy with My Board?

Electric Skateboard Accessories: What Should I Buy with My Board?
Electric Skateboard Bash Guard

These little rubber things protect the end of the board, which is the part of the board most prone to becoming damaged. When you buy a Meepo Board electric skateboard, we recommend you also buy our bash guards, which have been handpicked for our boards by our R & D team for compatibility and function. You might also know bash guards by the name โ€œdeck nose protector.โ€


Depending on the specs of your electric skateboard and your riding habits, you might want to buy an extra electric skateboard battery. We sell flight friendly batteries, ER batteries, and easy-to-swap batteries. If youโ€™re planning to fly with your board, a flight friendly battery can be your favorite accessory. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a battery is that it is compatible with your electric skateboard and meets your needs. Not all electric skateboarders require the use of an extra battery, but for many, it can be a real asset.

Battery Charger

Are you planning to ride an electric skateboard to work? Save yourself the headache of losing chargers, leaving chargers at work or home by purchasing two electric skateboard chargers. Leave one at home and one at work - game changer! If you regularly commute and need to charge at work, we recommend purchasing an additional charger.

Electric Skateboard Lights

Light up your path and be visible to others when you use electric skateboard lights. Lights are available in red, for real lights, and white for front lights. Using lights is a must if you plan to skate at night.

Protective Gear

Your life is precious - protect yourself when youโ€™re riding an electric skateboard with the right protective gear. Meepo Board works with Triple Eight to provide high-quality electric skateboard gear at great prices. Donโ€™t ride without protection.

Electric Skateboard Storage Solutions

Storing your electric skateboard efficiently is a must for electric skateboarders. We recommend either the stand rack or wall mount for storing your board. For riders who commute to work, purchasing an extra stand rack to keep your board neatly stored can allow you to store the board in your office or desk space without taking up too much room. If you have a place to store your board lying down where it wonโ€™t be disrupted like under a bed, you might not need a storage solution. Most riders find that the stand rack or wall mount make storage super simple. Check out our electric skateboard storage solutions.

Electric Skateboard Bag

An electric skateboard bag is a convenient and safe way to transport your electric skateboard. Youโ€™ll love our custom-designed electric skateboard bag - itโ€™s built to snugly fit your Meepo Board, with extra pockets for your GoPro and personal goods. This is the safest way to transport your electric skateboard.

More Partsโ€ฆ

We didnโ€™t cover a few other parts because most are not relevant when you are purchasing a new board. We sell bearings, bushings, decks, enclosures, ESC, grip tape, motors, lights, gear, remotes, shirts, trucks, and wheels that enable you to upgrade your board, replace worn out parts, and customize your board.

What electric skateboard accessories do you think are a must-have? Comment below.

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