How Much Is an Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards rush into the market in the blink of an eye. People, no matter adults or kids, want to own and ride one. Looking back the recent several years, making the shift from normal skateboards to electric longboards was so rapid that e skateboards are becoming more and more hot sale and popular. However, not all you guys would buy one because of different concerns, and cost plays an important factor.

An electric skateboard costs from 350USD to 2000USD. If you buy it from a branded store, then you would find that the price is much higher than other stores. After all, they have a quality warranty. Of course, the price varies among different types because they use various motors, trucks, wheels, and decks. 

All models with price comparision:

MEEPO SHUFFLE (V4) Standard$469Buy Now
MEEPO V3$429Sold Out
MEEPO MINI 2$429Buy Now
MEEPO MINI 2 ER$599Buy Now
MEEPO HURRICANE - All Terrian$1649Sold Out
MEEPO HURRICANE - 2in1$1799Buy Now
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MEEPO SHUFFLE (V4) is 20min fast-charging motor skateboard, so it is very convenient to use. Meepo v4 adopts the smooth and precise ESC, so you can have more precise braking and acceleration using experience. It adopts two hub motors, so it has 20% more torque compared with our V3. At the same time, you can ride it without any worries across the road with water. Up to now, V4 has become the hottest sale one at our store. 

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Meepo mini 2 electric skateboard has a top speed 29mph even if its size is not that big. It is small and fast to satisfy all your needs. For this mini 2, its charging time is just 2 hours, so it is very convenient for you to use. There is no need to worry about the weight limit if you are heavy rider, because its limit weight is 136kg. Furthermore. If you think this standard mini board cannot satisfy your needs, you can choose the ER option. For this mini 2 motor, it has a powerful motor like the Meepo V3 and NLS pro. You can choose what you need according to your needs. For example, you ride it for commuting, racing, or what else. 

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