The First Price: @Logan_minutolo (A Free Meepo Board)

The Second Price: @autistic.bulldozer ($65 Cash)

The Third Price: @Kloakatv ($65 Cash)


The First Price: @Ryan Loughney  (A Free Meepo Board)

The Second Price: @Charalampos Anast ($65 Cash) 

The Third Price: @George Sachinidis  ($65 Cash)


The First Price: @NOAX  (A Free Meepo Board)

The Second Price: @Sound Eternally ($65 Cash)

The Third Price: @V1Z3 ($65 Cash)


*Note: For those who suspected fraud or violated our rules we have already canceled their qualifications.

MEEPO BOARD X World Environment Day Introduction:

Riding an Electric Skateboard is an environmentally friendly way of commuting. June 5 is the World Environment Day, so we call on everybody to protect the Earth together by joining this activity. This “MEEPO BOARD X World Environment Day” activity has an intention of making more and more people become aware of the importance of protecting the environment and the advantages of electric skateboards. Tell us a story of you and your electric skateboard, and you will have a chance to win a Meepoboard. Please read the following criteria carefully to join this activity. Get involved! You are welcome to post, or vote for the stories that you like by leaving likes and comments.


Platform LINK:

(Don’t forget about putting hashtag #meepojune5 and @ our official account in your post!

Instagram: @meepo__board | Facebook: @MeepoElectricSkateboard | YouTube: @Meepo Electric Skateboard)


Instagram: Click here

Facebook: Click here

YouTube: Click here


Specific Criteria:

(Timeframe:  May 21June 17 11:59 P.M. EST


Tell us a story of you and your electric skateboard, the electric skateboard doesn’t have to be a Meepo board.

You could tell your story by writing a paragraph with some great photos or videos that you took.

The story could be related to the environmental protection (like sharing the total milage of your board), but it doesn’t have to because riding an electric skateboard itself is an action that helps protecting the surroundings. The story could be impressive, heart-warming, funny, or anything that is positive.

*Don’t forget to add the hashtag #meepojune5 and @ our official account on each platform in your post!

(Instagram: @meepo__board | Facebook: @MeepoElectricSkateboard | YouTube: @Meepo Electric Skateboard)


We will have this activity going on at three social media platforms simultaneously: Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The competition between each platform is separate, which means that stories in Facebook are only competing with the stories in Facebook.

You could post your story on all three platforms or just one of them, but we will only take your best score (the post that you got most “likes”)


We will choose three people with most “likes” for their posts on the three platforms. Once we pick out the three winners, we will send out one board for each winner (V3 or mini2 Standard). For the posts with second and third most “likes” on the three platforms, we will send out $65 cash to their authors.

*One story could be posted on three platforms; however, the story could only win a prize for once. (For example, Kieran writes a story and he posts his story on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube separately. He got most “likes” on Instagram, and third most “likes” on YouTube. Kieran will win the first prize on Instagram, but he will no longer win the third prize on YouTube. The story with forth most “likes” will win a third prize on YouTube instead.)


Result Announcements:

We will post the results in the week of June 21 on Meepo online on our website.

After the results are released, we will contact the nine winners and send out the awards


In the end:

Meepo Electric Skateboard is one of the best electric skateboard companies in the world and we dedicate to producing affordable boards with the best quality. We design, build, and test our boards in the factory in Shenzhen, China. We are leading the electric skateboard revolution. We are extremely proud of what we are doing. You are welcome to join this activity no matter what electric skateboard you are riding. Following with Meepo Electric Skateboard, Let’s protect the environment and save the Earth! 


*Joining this activity means that you allow Meepo Company to repost your stories or works for further advertisement purpose.

*Meepo Electric Skateboard Company reserves the right of final interpretation

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