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Can I cancel my order?

Your order can only be canceled before it ships.

To cancel the order, please email us: info@meepoboard.com.

Your payment will be refunded in 7 business days

FYI, Canceling order request isn't available during the weekend OR Holiday

Why my order has not shipped out?

Your order is packed and ready to be shipped after ordering. It will be shipped out soon. And you would receive a confirmation email with a tracking number in a few days after the package is shipped out,. 

Why is my parcel "in transist" for weeks?

If your parcel is shipped out from China, it may take days or weeks to send the board to your country, especially if you choose sea transportation. The tracking status would stay "in transit" and would not be updated until the parcel has finished custom clearance and arrives to the local delivery company.

The congestion across West Coast ports, the ports on the US East Coast and some of the European ports are further leading to shipping delays. The rise in demand for goods across the US along with the lockdowns started the congestion in the US West Coast ports, to begin with. Once the ships started queuing up the West Coast ports, the carriers and shippers started using the ports on the East Coast instead. Nevertheless, soon after the East Coast ports too started experiencing a similar situation. The congestion in the American and European ports resulted in delays for freight originating from Asia. Although the situation is slightly better in the ports in North America recently, it is largely because of the fewer sailings from the Chinese ports.

Why my order has delayed ?

If your parcel is shipped out from Local warehouse, it means there are too many parcels are ready to sent out or it were out of stock temporarily, hence, it may cause some delay sending. Normally the package will be delivered within 2- 6 business days once you receive a tracking number.

We are currently shipping out boards 2 days after customer placed an order due to an increasing demand for our boards. At the same time, Meepo board has strict rules on manufacturing in order to keep high quality of each board. Once the package is shipped out, you would receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

Why my order has been refunded?

Because your order was detected as an account with high risk. So, we have to cancel your order and you will receive a refund within 7 business days.

Here are some reasons that may cause High-Risk.

① Shipping address is far from location of IP address

② Characteristics of this order are similar to fraudulent orders observed in the past.

③ Card Verification Value (CVV) isn't available

④ Billing address ZIP or postal code isn't available to match with the credit card's registered address

⑤ Too many payment attempts.

 If you are still willing to purchase a board from us, please use another email address. For further assistance, please contact your bank account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do I need to pay for the tax?

The tax will be included on shipping fee for US customer.

For other countries, you will receive a notification from customer service if necessary.

My parcel is lost. It shows "delivered", however I never received it.

Here is a procedure you can follow to report a lost package: First, you, the consignee, have to contact the delivery company to log a complaint. Tell them you did not receive the package, however its status say it was "delivered". Then, you would receive a complaint number from the delivery company. We can forward the number to our shipping agency, so they can urge the delivery company to reply. The delivery company will send you a message. You will receive a compensation if it is confirmed that the package was lost during transit. We have followed this procedure several times and can say this is the best way to get your money back. Please send the complaint number toinfo@meepoboard.com, so we can support you. Usually it will take a week to get a reply from the delivery company and a month to get the compensation from the delivery company.

About Meepo Boards

For V5

Q:What's the difference of V4 and V5


Easy to ride Take it Anywhere The cut-out part from the board allows easy portability. With the weight of 17.6 lbs, it is comfortable and easy to carry. Just grab and go! The push-to-start feature allows you to turn on your electric skateboard by a simple push forward! Turn on your remote, push forward and off you go!

Powerful, Quiet, Easy-Swap

After 6 years of evolving, the 6th-Generation Meepo BLDC hub motors have great power efficiency (500W X 2) while maintaining its quiet sound. The new hub motor design allow riders to easily swap the outer PU sleeves, making it simply to swap different wheel choices or replacing when needed.

Excellent Battery Discharge

High rate discharge and excellent thermal stability of battery, and outstanding battery cycles (after 200 times of full charging and discharging, remains more than 80% capacity). We use top-tier branded battery cells, 18650(for standard versions) and 21700 (for ER versions) This helps to provide sufficient range for your campus, commuting, and street surfing.

Field-oriented Control

The LY-FOC 1.0 ESC (Electronic Speed Controller, aka the brain of e-boards) allows the board to be maneuvered more precisely. We use the latest LY-FOC ESC programmed and designed by MEEPO and Lingyi TECH in collaboration together. It samples input from the remote and the motor 1000 times per second (every millisecond). The precise control makes the ride much safer, smoother, and much more beginner-friendly.

Comfortable Widened Deck

The 11.1" width of the deck offers a very large stable space for standing. You will still feel comfortable in long-distance riding. The eight layers of maple wood make it flexible yet strong (max load: 330 lbs), enabling you to handle the board well when you take tight turns. Equipped with a custom nose guard that protects the deck from breaking when hitting curbs or walls.

5th Gen Shredder 45° Truck

The R&D team at Meepo found the perfect combination of stability and responsiveness from our new 45° truck. The design of shredder trucks was inspired by longboard downhill racing trucks. The Meepo 5th Generation Shredder 45° Truck adopts a double tall barrel bushing of 19mm 92A, providing more stability when riding at high speed. The heightened bushing is more responsive and enables more agile turning at stable speeds. They are made of A356 aluminum alloy with the latest high-density formula.

The Pocket-sized Connective Remote

The four ride modes allow beginners to familiarize themselves step by step. You can control all four different levels of the acceleration & braking modes independently. Utilizing the 2.4 GHz channel and a signal booster on both the remote and the LY-FOC ESC, ensures a stable and secure connection between the board and the remote, even in the harshest of signal interferences. The 4 lights accurately show the remaining battery capacity, so that the skater can concentrate on the ride itself.

Maintenance after rain

If you accidentally ride in the rain or on wet surfaces, wipe off all the water on the surface of your board, especially in the charging port, and do not charge your board until it gets dry. Then, idle motors of your board for 10 minutes in order to dry the inside of motors for avoiding rusts. 

Are Meepo Boards Waterproof?

Meepo Boards are water-resistant, this means that the boards won't let water in easily. If you drive on a wet road, your board will be fine. But if you skate in puddles or submerge your board into water and the electric parts get wet, damage could occur. Rider Safety tip: It's pretty dangerous riding in rain, so take care.

If you do ride on wet surfaces, wipe off all the water on the surface of your board, especially the charging port, and do not charge your board until it’s dry. Then, idle the motor of your board for 10 minutes to dry the inside of the motor and to avoid rust.

FYI: warranty doesn't include water damage.

What is the weight range for riders?

The maximum weight range of a Meepo boards is 330 lbs / 150 kg. 

However, we recommend is 265lbs / 120 kg or lower to ensure the performance of the board is not impacted.

How do I take care of my Meepo Board?

Store your board in a dry area and charge your board at least once a month to avoid unrecoverable battery damage.

How do I know which board is right for me?

We currently have many options: MEEPO V5, V3S,MINI3S, MINI5,Voyager, Envy, Aurora,Flow and Hurricane(Bamboo/Carbon). You can choose the right one according to your needs

Why the battery range isn't power as usual ?

The battery power will lose some power if it has been used many times, it is very normal for all the electric product

What is the difference between Standard and ER?

For Mini2S and V4S , there are two different versions: Standard and Extend Range(ER). ER normally has a range of 18 miles and Standard normally has a range of 10 miles. For more specs, please click here


How long does it take to ship my board?

Your package will be shipped 2-3 business days after your order was received.

When will I receive my tracking number?

Shipping to the US

local shipping - You will receive your tracking number via email when your skateboard arrives in the US, expected timing (Refer to the details page)

Shipping to Europe / UK / Canada / AU

Local shipping (In sufficient stock) - Your package will be shipped 1-2 days after your order was received.  (Refer to the details page)

Others countries

Standard shipping - Your package will be shipped 1-2 days after your order was received. It will be sent by train or sea, you will receive your tracking number by email as soon as its shipped, expected timing (Refer to the details page)

PS: If you don't receive a tracking number with 7 business days. Please contact info@meepoboard.com.

Why my tracking number has no updated?

Standard shipping option

We will ship your package out in 2-3 business days once your order was placed, and you will receive an email with the tracking number when we get a tracking number from our shipping agent, normally it will take 2-4 days.

The tracking information on the website will not be updated until the parcel arrives in your country customs, you will be able to track it once your package is picked up by UPS/FedEx.

Fast shipping (Or local) option 

if your order was placed with fast shipping option, you will receive the tracking number for your order very soon, it will take 1-2 days, and you will be able to track it all the way to you.

Refund & Warranty

Refund Policy

We will issue a refund if:

① You cancel your order prior to your package being shipped We will refund you within 7 business days.

② Your order is detected as an account with high risk. In this case, we will cancel your order and refund you automatically, we will suggest you place a new order and make sure your order billing address is the same as your card billing address. You can also try to pay with another credit card or pay by PayPal.

We do not refund:

① If the order has shipped.

② We don't accept returns if there's no troubleshoot with the skateboard.


The following are covered by the warranty:

Meepoboard provides 6 months warranty for boards and 3 months warranty for parts (*when customers buy the parts separately) which starts from the day the package is delivered to customers. Long periods of unused also count in six-month warranty.

FYI, All defects caused by the skateboard itself, such as the motor does not work, the ESC cannot be paired with the remote control, cannot be started, etc., are covered by the warranty. We would exchange the defective accessory with functionally equivalent ones which are equivalent to the original parts in performance and reliability.


(1) Hub Motor

(2) ESC

(3) Battery

(4) Remote

(5) Charger

Please kindly be reminded your pictures or test video is a must for us to arrange accessory replacement under warranty.

The following are not covered by the warranty:

(1) Warranty does not cover easy-broken parts: such as front wheels, decks, belts, Grip Tape, and PU Sleeves. (Except just delivered within 7 days)

(2) The warranty excludes the damage caused by artificial damage, such as damage from violence, modifications, unauthorized repairs and failure to follow the instructions in the user manual, damage caused by negligence, including using the battery for a long time with high power but not timely charging, or other damage caused by abuse.

(3) The waterproof level of the Meepo skateboard is IP56, which can prevent sputtering water and dust under normal conditions. Water-resistant means that our boards won’t let water in. easily. So if you drive on a wet road your board should not break. But if you skate over puddles or even submerge your board in the water. There is a high likelihood that water will get to electric parts. It is also pretty dangerous when you are riding in the rain, especially for accelerating, braking, or turning. The internal accessories are not waterproof, and the battery label will show red if water enters.

(4) Meepo board doesn't support any transactions and resold skateboards. Warranty is only available to the original purchaser. The second hand is not covered under warranty.

(5) As shipping and importing a Meepo board from overseas back to China is much more costly, we don't provide returns for Meepo boards delivered.

(6) Warranty does not include resending a new skateboard, we only provide a replacement for broken parts.



How do I check the battery voltage?

While the battery is FULLY charged, check out the battery voltage following below technical support video:


 PS: Multimeter is necessary for all electric skateboards, not only for MEEPO board. The Multimeter should be set as 200V.

How do I pair the remote with my board?

For M4S/M5S/M5 Remote:

1. Make sure the remote and the board have power.

2. Turn on the board and the remote.

3. Hold the POWER button on the board for about 5 seconds until the power light is blinking.

4. Hold the "FUNCTION(M4S)" or "Reverse(other remotes)" and "POWER" button of remote at the same time for about 3 seconds.

5. The screen of remote will show "Pairing" and then the remote is paired with the board automatically 

Here is also a video instruction for you: Link

My board is not turning off, what can I do?

Please do a test for us, so we could know if it is the problem of your ESC.

Here is an instruction:

1.Turn off the remote first.

2.Leave the board alone for about 15 minutes.

3.See if the board is able to turn off by itself. If the board doesn't turn off after 15 minutes, that means you would need a new ESC.

For diagnosis purpose, please share a video toinfo@meepoboard.com that you are trying to turn off the board to us via G Drive, Dropbox , YouTube private video, etc..

Please kindly be reminded your test video is a must for us to arrange accessory replacement under warranty.

My M4S/M5S remote doesn't work well, what can I do?

If you think there is something wrong with your remote, you could try resetting it. Here is the instruction: Resetting the remote might fix this issue. Could you do a quick reset for your remote please? You could follow these steps:

1. Turn off the remote and the board.

2. Hold the "FUNCTION" and "POWER" buttons at the same time for a couple seconds until the screen shows parameters of unit and wheel speed.

3.Then the reset is done

One of my motors isn’t working well, what can I do?

If the motor is not working well, please open the ESC case to make sure all wires are connected well.

Then follow below technical support video to swap the motors cables.

 (For Mini2S/Mini2)

 (For Voyager)

 (For hurricane)

(For V4/V4S)

Please share the motors performance video BEFORE & AFTER swapping, as your test video is a MUST for us to arrange accessory replacement under warranty.

You might share the video via G Drive, Dropbox or YouTube private video to info@meepoboard.com

(If YouTube, please choose "Unlisted")

After swapping the cable, there are 3 possible results:

1. The same motor not works. Then you need a new motor.

2. The other motor not works, then you need a new ESC.

3. Both motors not work, then please check if the cables are connecting into the right place.

PS: Please record the test video to info@meepoboard.com for arrange replacement if under warranty

Why my battery is not charging?(For Mini2 ,NLS Pro and V3)

Here are some test questions we made for better diagnosing the problem:

Please share the video of process to info@meepoboard.com

1. Is the light of charger GREEN when you only plug the charger into the outlet not to the board?

2. Does the tiny screen on the battery shows the word "IN" while you are charging the board?

3. You could open the battery case and see if there is any wire loosen or broken. (Keep going with step 4 if step 3 doesn't work)

4. Could you please charge the battery directly like shown in the video: Link

-If the light on the charger is red, which means the battery is being charged normally, then it is the problem of the battery case and you would need a new battery case.

PS: Please record the test video to info@meepoboard.com for arrange replacement if under warranty

Video for assembly reference

For V5/Mini5

For Hurricane