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Version: V3S -17 miles range
  • 17 Miles/27 km Range - No more range anxiety
  • 29Mph /47Kph Top Speed -  Fastest in the same price range
  • Dual 540W Motor - Meet your riding needs
  • Free 6-Month Warranty - Our support is always here to help 

At a glance

Impressive Speed Capabilities

29 Mph/47 Kmh Top Speed in Ideal Conditions

Extended Riding Range

Long Range of 17 Miles/27 km

Enhanced Battery Performance

10S2P 21700 Battery with 216 Wh Capacity (50% Increase)

Tackle Steep Inclines

Able to Handle 22% Hill Grades

Powerful Motor System

Dual 540W High-powered Motors

Premium Deck Design

Constructed with 8-ply Canadian Maple and Innovative Handle Design

Intuitive Control System

Equipped with M6S Digital Display Remote


Smart and Precise Control

Fast shipping

Forwarding & Warehousing


6 months warranty

High quality

Tested in real-life situation

After-sale service

Professional service team

Super Long Range

Enjoy a stunning 27KM/17 Miles range with an upgraded 10S2P high-capacity battery - boasting a 50% increase in capacity compared to the standard battery before.

Super Power Packed

V3S comes equipped with dual 540W high-power motors and can climb hills with up to a 22% gradient (12°). Whether you live in mountainous areas or flat terrain, and whether you prioritize stability or speed, V3S can fulfill your needs. Additionally, it is suitable for riders of all skill levels.

Silky-smooth Riding

State-of-the-art FOC-24h control lets you accelerate smoothly, brake hard, and park like a pro. And with cruise control, you can kick back and relax while enjoying the ride of your life.

It's Also Your Power Bank

Modular design makes swapping out batteries a breeze, letting you easily transform your board into a portable power source. Charge your phone, tablet, or other devices while you ride, and never be tied down by outlets again.

Just Ride

Sporting a sturdy 7-inch RKP truck and an 8-layer Canadian Maple deck that can support up to 150kg/330lbs, making it ideal for any rider. Customize your ride to perfection with included 92a bushings and four extra 100A bushings for a tailored fit.

Grip and Go

And like its predecessor, the V3S features a convenient handle design that makes taking it with you a breeze. So whether you’re crushing competitions or cruising city streets, the V3S has got your back – and your feet!

17 vs 20 Miles Range Comparison

All the specs side by side to help you make the right choice between the 17 or 20 miles range model.


V3S - 17 Miles

V3S ER - 20 Miles


20 miles / 32 km

20 miles / 32 km

Top Speed

29mph / 47kph

29mph / 47kph


8 Ply Canadian Maple

8 Ply Canadian Maple


966mm x 236mm
38.1" x 9.3"

966mm x 236mm
38.1" x 9.3"

Hill Climbing




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