Hollow electric skateboard wheels

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  • All-Around Superb Comfort and Grip: Designed to offer excellent comfort and grip while ensuring minimal range loss.
  • Super Comfortable: Provides a 50% increase in comfort compared to 85mm Caguama Wheels.
  • High Cornering Grip: Enhanced grip, especially notable with the Hollow Wheel PRO variant which is 20% more grippy.
  • Adjustable Suspension: Allows for customization with suspension inserts to achieve the perfect ride feel.
  • Top Speed: Offers speed increases over smaller wheels.
  • Great Battery Range: Demonstrates minimal impact on battery range when compared to 110mm wheels.
  • Package Contents: Each order includes 4 individual wheels(2 ABEC hole & 2 Kegel Hole)
  • Technical Specifications:
    • Maximum Rider + Board Weight: 250lbs (114kg)
    • Variable Diameter: 105mm x 95mm
    • Contact Width: 65mm
    • Weight: 284g, as light as an 85mm Caguama wheel
    • 80A Durometer: Designed for minimal chunking and increased durability.
    • Patent Pending
  • Suspension inserts An add-on accessory for further customization.
  • For MEEPO Hub-motor Drive board: For front wheel only
  • For MEEPO Belt Drive board: Fully adaptable