Commute in style

Make your commute cool and quick with MEEPO. Riding an eboard will bring a ton of convenience and fun to the way you travel. Whether you're going to work or riding around town with friends, make sure you commute in style.

The MEPPO Difference
We have no greater inspiration than you - our customers. Our customer first approach keeps us focused on our mission to build the highest quality and affordable electric skateboards. When you buy from MEEPO, just know you’re getting a product like no other.

What makes us different?

In early 2017, after much research into electric skateboards, MEEPO founder Kieran realized that the industry lacked boards that were both affordable and reliable. In turn, he built a DIY eskate for himself in order to make his daily commute more enjoyable. After Kieran uploaded a short video about it on Youtube, suddenly lots of people from all over the world wanted him to build one for them too. At that point, MEEPO Board was born.

Today, six years later

MEEPO has become a global brand trusted by over 120,000 riders across the world. We often get asked what sets us apart from other eskate companies and our answers attributes our success to five main principles:

Superior Quality

We use only high quality parts that are individually sourced by our expert engineers and designers.

Leading Technical Innovation

Our Research and Development team is always looking for its next challenge. Our passion and forward thinking approach allows our technology to lead the industry and define future trends.

Exceptional Design

While we want our electric skateboard to work perfectly, we also want them to look exceptional. Our in-house designers take their task with the utmost seriousness and set out each day to design the best looking eskateboards on the market.

Safety and Reliability

All components of our electric skateboards go through rigorous testing to assure quality. This helps to guarantee the high standards of our products and the safety of our riders which is our utmost concern.

First Class Customer Support

We care. Above else, we strive to make all of our customers happy. At MEEPO, we promise to put the customer first and give everyone the best experience possible, both before and after purchasing.