Voyager X Limited

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  • Advanced Gear Drive: Reliable and strong power output, no more belt problems.
  • Powerful Dual Motors: 2800W*2 power for an unmatched speed experience.Up to 38mph / 60kph
  • Long-Lasting Battery: 12S3P Molicel P42A 544WH.Up to 31 miles / 49 km range on a single charge.
  • Advanced Gear Drive: Reliable and strong power output without belt issues.
  • High-Visibility Deck Lighting: Safe and stylish night rides.
  • New Screen Remote: Easy operation with real-time data feedback.
  • Fast Charger: Gan 300W Charger,charging time:2.1 hours

US only for now. It will be available on July 31 for other countries.

Voyager XL - Your Ultimate Electric Skateboard Dream

At a glance


Lighting Deck System

Comfortable and Attractive


Powerful, no need for belts

Long Range

Up to 31Miles / 49km

Enhanced Battery Performance

12S3P Molicel P42A(544WH)


Conquer Steep Hills

Super powerful

2800W x 2 motors

Intuitive Control System

Equipped with M6S Digital Display Remote

Fast shipping

Forwarding & Warehousing


6 months warranty

High quality

Tested in real-life situation

After-sale service

Professional service team

Cutting-Edge Gear Drive Technology

Say goodbye to belt worries with our robust gear drive system. The Voyager XL features the latest in gear drive technology, offering stronger and more reliable power output. This advanced system ensures smooth and powerful acceleration, giving you confidence on every ride.

High-Visibility Deck Lighting

Ride safely and stylishly at night with the Voyager XL's eye-catching deck lights. These high-visibility lights not only enhance your nighttime riding safety but also add a cool factor that makes you stand out. Illuminate your path and turn heads wherever you go.

Powerful Dual Motors

Experience unparalleled speed and acceleration with the Voyager XL's powerful BLDC 6358 motors. Each motor boasts a maximum power of 2800W, providing a combined output of 5600W. Whether you're zipping through city streets or tackling steep hills, these motors deliver the performance you need.

Long-Lasting Battery for Extended Rides

Equipped with a high-capacity 12S3P P42A battery, the Voyager X offers an impressive range of up to 49 kilometers (31 miles) on a single charge. This 12.6Ah / 544.3Wh battery ensures you can ride longer without worrying about running out of power, making it perfect for both daily commuting and long-distance adventures.

Top Speed and Impressive Range

The Voyager XL can reach speeds of up to 60 KPH (38 MPH), providing an exhilarating riding experience. Combined with its long-range capability, this electric skateboard is designed for those who crave speed and distance. Enjoy the freedom to explore without limits.

Reliable and Efficient ESC

The LY FOC-55B electronic speed controller (ESC) ensures precise and efficient power management, enhancing the overall performance of the Voyager XL. This ESC provides smooth acceleration and braking, making your rides more comfortable and controlled.

Voyager X Limited Specs


Voyager X Limited


Up to 31 miles / 49 km

Top Speed

Up to 38mph / 60kph


Lighting Deck(Bamboo)


980mm x 254mm
38.6" x 10"

Hill Climbing



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