MEEPO AMbassadors

Gialong Tonthat

Gialong Tonthat, is an Eskate enthusiast from Escondido, California. He grows up in a small, low-class town where kids can only roam on rocky, rugged sidewalks and streets with beat-up skateboards.

Oscar Garrigues

Oscar is a technophile and environmentalist.
Years ago he used to ride a bicycle to work, and dabbled in electric vehicles in January 2019, during an electric scooter publicizing project in Spain.

Paul Mcmillan

Paul Mcmillan was one of the early users of MEEPO Board and his first purchase was a MEEPO V1.5. His passion for Eskate started 5 years ago when he discovered MEEPO Board.


TY is one of the well-known PEV Enthusiasts as well as a photographer based in NYC. He first started riding an electric skateboard back in 2019 out of curiosity, then fell in love with Eskate since then.

Vincent van Zwoll

Vincent is a full-time Filmmaker, born and raised in Berlin, Germany. He has practiced board sports more then half of his lifetime. He found his love of boards for 8 years on a family snowboard trip. Since then, he tried every board sport what he could do.

Drew Elia

Drew Elia, is a photographer & PEV enthusiast from beautiful New Jersey, USA.

Kiefer & Shontel

Kiefer has been skating for over 20 years. He started out on a skateboard with soft wheels, then upgraded to a longboard and became a pro distance racer. Dominated the race circuit 5 years straight and then won the Broadway Bomb for 10 years.

Patrick Hagen

Patrick Hagen has been riding electric skateboards since a child. He transitioned to eskating later on in life when his brother gave him a Meepo V2 as a gift (which is still up and running today despite being put through a lot).

Kyle Keller

Kyle took over a burgeoning SDESK8 and in two years has grown it from a group of twenty like-minded individuals to an organization of nearly 800 local members with bi-weekly rideouts...


Andy is an Eskate enthusiast. His story begins on the very first day of college, when he was wondering if he could walk for a mile from the dorm to class in the unbearable heat in Vega.