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  • Dual 3500W motors: Top speed 29mph, tackle 26% inclines with ease.
  • Innovative double kingpin trucks: Unmatched stability and maneuverability, effortless carving.
  • Long-lasting 12S3P Molicel P42A battery: range up to 21 miles.
  • 150x50mm honeycomb rubber wheels: Maintenance-free, reliable on any terrain.
  • M4S screen remote: Total control, style, and customization.
  • Lightweight at 30.4lbs: Portability without compromising performance.
  • Integrated aluminum battery case: stable structure, more durable
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 Urban Streets, Wild Beats!


(In Ideal Condition)

Long Range 

Up to 21 miles 

26% Hill Grade 

Conquer Steep Hills

4 Riding Modes 

Beginner to Pro

Molicel P42A Cells 


Next Level Riding Control 

On acceleration and brakes

Dual  3500W Motor 


Smart and precise

Unleash Your Adventure

This is a cutting-edge all-terrain electric skateboard born from the legacy of the MEEPO Hurricane Bamboo. As pioneers in the realm of high-end off-road skateboards at an accessible price, we've harnessed Hurricane technology to create a remarkable cross-country skateboard – the City Rider 3. Exceptional performance, affordability, and safety are the pillars of this extraordinary ride.

City Rider 3 - Where Evolution Meets the Streets

Dubbed City Rider 3 for its evolution in skateboarding, this masterpiece speaks to both new riders and seasoned enthusiasts. We understand that whether you're gliding on city asphalt or bustling streets, the allure of off-road skating remains. Safety, the essence of your experience, is ingeniously woven into the City Rider 3’s DNA. With large 150mm wheels and a wide truck long board, you’re equipped to conquer obstacles with confidence, and the enhanced stability makes each ride a testament to your secure journey.

Unmatched Performance in Every Detail

  • -Dual 3500W Motors: Unleash exhilarating speeds of up to 29MPH / 48KPH and breeze through 26% hill grades with unwavering power.

  • -Battery Powerhouse: Featuring a 12S3P Molicel P42A battery, this board boasts an astonishing 12.6Ah/544WH capacity for an extended range of 21 miles or 35 kilometers, allowing you to explore without limits.

  • - LY FOC ESC: Experience super acceleration and braking with our advanced ESC technology, granting you precise control over your ride.

  • - Sturdy and Stylish: Crafted with a Canada maple deck and a thoughtfully designed concave shape, the City Rider 3 promises a secure and comfortable stance.

  • - Intuitive Control: The M4S screen remote places control at your fingertips, effortlessly navigating you through various speed modes and settings.

A Safer, Comfortable Journey

We've revolutionized shock absorption with 150x50mm honeycomb rubber wheels, ensuring you glide over any terrain without worry. The worry of tire punctures is a thing of the past, leaving you free to focus solely on your exhilarating adventure.

Where Boundaries Fade and Possibilities Unfold

Weighing just 30.4lbs / 13.8kg, the City Rider 3 strikes a harmonious balance between portability and performance. Experience the freedom to explore urban landscapes and uncharted territories, all on one electrifying ride.

Your Adventure Awaits

With a generous deck length of 37 inches, the City Rider 3 welcomes riders of all skill levels to embrace off-road skateboarding. Whether you're a novice seeking an easier, safer ride or a seasoned pro craving exhilaration, the City Rider 3 is your gateway to thrilling experiences that redefine what it means to ride.

Elevate your journey today with the MEEPO City Rider 3 All-Terrain Electric Skateboard – Where Innovation, Performance, and Adventure Unite!




21miles / 35km

Top Speed

29mph / 48 kph


8 ply Canadian maple + 2 ply  bamboo 

Deck Dimensions

944mm x 250mm

37.1" x 9.8"

Hill Climbing



12s3p Molicel P42A 544Wh



Motor Power

3500 Watts x 2


9.25'' DKP

Charging Time

Fast 4.5A Charger: 3h

Max Load

150kg / 330lbs


150x50mm Honeycomb rubber wheel


30.4 lbs/ 13.8kg




90-190mm MEEPO wheels(Additional Pulley and Belts are required)

What‘s in the box ?

MEEPO City Rider 3

User Manual

M4S Remote


Fast 4.5A Charger


How long will the shipping take?

Delivery time will be shown at check out.

Is there any warranty?

We offer a 6 month warranty, for more details please refer to our warranty policy

Why there is no update for my parcel tracking status?

Tracking status goes live when your board lands in the destination country, until them it remains “in transit”.

Can I reach the top speed and get the best range when I ride?

Our data was measured under ideal conditions. Some factors that could affect your speed and range are: rider's weight, terrain, wind resistance, temperature, speed and brake mode.


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