Gialong Tonthat

Gialong Tonthat, is an Eskate enthusiast from Escondido, California. He grows up in a small, low-class town where kids can only roam on rocky, rugged sidewalks and streets with beat-up skateboards.  

Gialong's story began with finding affordable boards for many kids in town.The very first electric skateboard he ever stepped on was a MEEPO Hurricane, which spread like wildfire, attracting countless kids to try out and beg to borrow this electric beast of speed and range. 

Through online marketplace as his main source for prospective second-hand deals, he has helped dozens of kids found affordable electric skateboards. MEEPO V3’s and V4’s are usually their best choices, for their good quality and fair prices. 

"Two years in, kids riding everywhere, in the city, and I wonder in awe at how infectious esk8’s are to bring so much energy to kids and teens. I may have started the ‘Esco-esk8’ revolution, but the true hero is MEEPO in providing the choices and service of electric skateboards best oriented to help bring low-income kids closer to the thrill of esk8’s. If there was no other opportunity to expand the community as generously as MEEPO, I’d be well repaid."