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MEEPO Envy - NLS 3
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  • Extended Range: 12S2P MolicelP42A battery for a 38km range, 362WH capacity, and 2-hour fast charging.
  • Powerful Speed: Dual 2519W motors for up to 32mph/52kph, ideal for both commutes and adventure.
  • Enhanced Stability: Hobbywing ESC for smooth acceleration and braking, ensuring safety.
  • Comfortable Design: Flexible bamboo deck with 8-inch RKP trucks for comfort on various terrains.
  • Customization Options: New deck and grip tape design, 90mm green PU wheels, and adjustable bushings for a personalized ride.
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What's Envy? 

32 Mph Top Speed

In ideal condition

Long Range 

 24 Miles 

12S2P Molicel P42A Battery

362 Wh / 8.4AH

26% Hill Grade

Conquer hills

Dual Hobbywing 4240 Motor

Premium Deck 

Bamboo + Fiberglass

 N5S Digital Display Remote

Hobbywing-9028 ESC 

Ultra-precise control

WHY choose Envy?

MEEPO'S vision-Provide the most cost-effective electric skateboard. Envy is one of the most groundbreaking skateboards from MEEPO.  Envy features the use of Hobbywing ESC, dual 2519W motors , and Molicel battery. This combination provides reliable power while enhancing your ride's performance.

Reliable and stable with long range

With its 12S2P MolicelP42A battery, Envy offers a long-range experience of up to 38km with its high-capacity 362WH battery. You no longer have to frequently charge it, so you can enjoy the freedom to explore. Moreover, its 4.5A fast charging allows the board to be fully charged in just two hours making it perfect for those who are always on-the-go.

High-performance motor for speed and thrills

With two powerful 2519W motors, Envy can reach speeds of up to 32mph/52kph. Whether for daily commutes or adventurous rides, this board satisfies your need for speed and thrills.

Advanced technology ensures a safe and stable riding experience

Envy utilizes the Hobbywing esc for the first time, bringing about a more stable and reliable ride. With modifications made on top of the LY acceleration and brakes, the acceleration and braking are smoother than ever before, ensuring optimal safety on the road. 

Sturdy bamboo design provides comfort and high quality 

The deck of Envy is made of sturdy yet flexible bamboo that provides an excellent ride, even in complex terrain. An 8-inch RKP truck further adds to the riding comfort, allowing you to fully enjoy your ride. 

Customizable accessories create more possibilities for your summer adventures

Featuring the latest design of skateboard deck and grip tape, combined with 90mm green PU wheels and 96A double columnar-shaped green shock absorbers, Envy offers better handling and comfort. We also include 100A bushings as an added bonus, allowing you to customize your ride and make your adventures even more exciting.




24miles / 38km

Top Speed

32mph / 52 kph


2 ply Bamboo + 2 ply Fiberglass

Deck Dimensions

980mm x 254mm

38.6" x 10"

Hill Climbing



12s2p Molicel P42A 362 Wh



Motor Power

2519 Watts x 2


8'' 50° RKP

Charging Time

Fast 4.5A Charger: 2h

Max Load

150kg / 330lbs


90*60mm Poly-Urethane


21.4 lbs/ 9.7 kg


96A and extra set of 100A

What's in the box ?

MEEPO Envy - NLS 3

User Manual

N5S Remote


Extra Set of 100A Bushing

Fast 50.4V 4.5A Charger


How long will the shipping take?

Delivery time will be shown at check out.

Is there any warranty?

We offer a 6 month warranty, for more details please refer to our warranty policy

Why there is no update for my parcel tracking status?

Tracking status goes live when your board lands in the destination country, until them it remains “in transit”.

Can I reach the top speed and get the best range when I ride?

Our data was measured under ideal conditions. Some factors that could affect your speed and range are: rider's weight, terrain, wind resistance, temperature, speed and brake mode.

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