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Meepo Mini 2

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Meepo City Rider

Outstanding performance on uneven city roads
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We are excited to announce that our Super High Rebound 100mm Comfortable Commute wheels are suitable for all Meepo Boards,

Meepo V3

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Get our flashlight remote for night riding and buy a helmet or protective gear to ride save!

Today, there are 30,000 Meepo riders skating on streets

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Meepo Mini 2

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We have some big announcements coming soon‼️ Stay tuned to learn all about our new projects...
Where are you riding your Meepo to this week? Comment below⬇️
Riding through the week 🔥
Wishing all our Meepo riders a good week!
Deadline to submit your design: August 1st, 11.59pm PT❗
✅It is up to the Meepo community to choose the final winner
✅See your design featured on the new Meepo swag already in August
👉 Learn more about the terms> www.meepoboard.com/designcompetition/
How does it work? ✅Create an awesome Meepo design and submit your idea as a comment to our FB post — https://www.facebook.com/MeepoBoard/posts/664052440733917
✅Publish it on your social media pages using the hashtag #mymeepodesign —> check our following posts for deadlines and prizes
Attention Meepo Riders -- Our *July Design Competition* is here‼️ Win a board worth up to $799 - the winner decides which one he gets! 🤩 —> check our following posts for more information!
We can’t wait to share this new project with all of you🎞📽 Stay tuned...
Some more pictures of our filming day🎞 #Meepohome #comingsoon