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We are excited to announce that our
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Meepo NLS

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Meepo V2

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Meepo AWD GT

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Tik tok goes the clock! ⏳⏰😱
Only 22 hours left for the huge New Year's sale. Up to $60 off all boards (except the Campus) and 10% discount on all the accessories.
This is your chance to save some cash! 🤑
Order now! >>> #awesome #boards #esk8
Anddddddddd we have our second winner of this month!
Congratulations to Dominik 🇸🇰 who just won his free V2 board! Dominik is a 20 year old B-boy (Break-dancer) and he has his own crew. He teaches children to dance in a studio but spends most of his brain cells on being a student of software engineering. 🤓 Now he has a fast and fun way to get to campus!
Šťastnú cestu! Blahoželáme! 😎Want to win a board too? Subscribe to our newsletter now >>> #slovakia #board #bboy #breakdance
Learn more now about the high quality NLS Bamboo deck which is now available in our store! 🏆Copper flat wire
🎖Black silicon rubber
🏅Electric isolation tape
The deck is built from durable materials and can withhold pressure and other kinds of impact.
All legs on deck! 😉
Freshly new and well designed, 💪💪💪 these eye candies will give your board a new look with a stable stance! 🔛Check them all out here>>>
A very fresh review of the new NLS board! 😌
Always glad to provide high quality products and services to you guys. If you have your own opinions on the NLS board, feel free to write us about it. 🖊
Even typical bad weather and grey skies won't stop our riders to go on! 😎🛹
Very nice life conclusions @lucasss_dg#dutchweather #holland #netherlands #esk8
We had the honor to talk with one of our most impressive esk8ers out there - Terminal X 😎 as he was chosen to be "The rider of the month".
Read his insights and visions here>>>
The New Year's Flash Sale is going to end on January 20th at 11:59 pm PT💥⏰
So save 💰 while you still can and order your Meepo Board now. All boards and accessories are on sale! (Except for the Campus board)
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