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motor for V3S /MINI 3S
motor for V3S /MINI 3S Sale price$92.99
Save $10.00
A PAIR OF 90 PU sleeves for V5/MINI5/V3S/MINI3SA PAIR OF 90 PU sleeves for V5/MINI5/V3S/MINI3S
A PAIR OF 90 PU sleeves for V5/MINI5/V3S/MINI3S Sale price$59.99 Regular price$69.99
Hub Motors - Meepo BoardHub Motors - Meepo Board
90/100mm Hub Motors Sale priceFrom $92.99
90 mm Hub Motor FOR V5 & MINI 5 (1 PC)90 mm Hub Motor FOR V5 & MINI 5 (1 PC)
PU Sleeves - Meepo BoardPU Sleeves - Meepo Board
MEEPO PU Sleeves Sale priceFrom $82.99
620W Hub Motor for Shuffle (V4)620W Hub Motor for Shuffle (V4)
Hub Motor for V4S / V4S ER/ Mini 2S/ Mini 2S ER
105mm Donut Sleeves
105mm Donut Sleeves Sale price$79.99
Save $10.00
Hurricane MotorHurricane Motor
Hurricane Motor Sale price$159.99 Regular price$169.99
Save $80.00
Meepo Donut 105mm Hub Motor Kit
Meepo Donut 105mm Hub Motor Kit Sale price$189.99 Regular price$269.99
Save $40.00
Meepo Donut 105mm Wheel Set
Meepo Donut 105mm Wheel Set Sale price$109.99 Regular price$149.99
On sale
90mm PU Sleeves Set for Shuffle S/ Shuffle S ER / mini 2S / MINI 2S ER/V5/MINI5/V3S/MINI 3S90mm PU Sleeves Set for Shuffle S/ Shuffle S ER / mini 2S / MINI 2S ER/V5/MINI5/V3S/MINI 3S
Motor for Voyager
Motor for Voyager Sale price$139.00
Save $20.00
75MM Hub Motor for Mini Dual
75MM Hub Motor for Mini Dual Sale price$59.99 Regular price$79.99
105 MOTOR (1PC) FOR  V4S
105 MOTOR (1PC) FOR V4S Sale price$94.99

Electric Skateboard Motors

Looking for a speed boost or need to replace an old motor? Our collection of electric skateboard motors is worth exploring. Electric skateboard motors are key components that drive your board, converting electrical energy into mechanical force. Upgrading to a high-performance motor can significantly enhance your riding experience, offering more speed, better torque, and smoother acceleration.

Whether you're a commuter seeking a more efficient ride or an enthusiast craving adrenaline-pumping speeds, a quality motor is essential. Additionally, newer models often feature improved efficiency and durability, making them a wise investment for any skateboarder. Check out our selection to find a motor that suits your specific needs and riding style, and transform your electric skateboard into a more powerful and enjoyable ride.

How Do Electric Skateboard Motors Work?

Electric skateboard motors efficiently convert electrical energy from the skateboard's battery into mechanical motion to propel the board forward. This conversion is facilitated by the motor's interaction with the skateboard's controller, which regulates the power based on the rider’s input via a handheld remote control. As the rider adjusts the throttle, the controller modifies the motor's output, allowing for changes in speed and handling.

In the world of electric skateboards, there are two main types of motors: hub motors and belt-driven systems. Each motor type caters to different riding preferences and styles. Hub motors are built into the wheels and offer a compact, low-maintenance solution, while belt-driven systems, using external motors connected by a belt, provide more power and flexibility in configuration. Both systems deliver distinct performance characteristics to suit varied skateboarding needs.

Different Types Electric Skateboard Motors

When exploring electric skateboard motors, it's crucial to know that there are primarily two types: hub motors and belt-driven systems. Each type offers specific benefits and operates differently, making them suitable for varying skateboard designs and user preferences.

Hub Motors

Hub motors are integrated directly into the wheels of the skateboard, providing a cleaner and more streamlined design. This setup minimizes parts and reduces maintenance, while also offering quieter operation. Hub motors are efficient in converting electricity into motion, making them ideal for riders seeking a compact and low-profile system. They typically deliver a smoother ride and have fewer components that can wear out.

Belt-Driven Systems

Belt-driven systems use a motor that is not integrated into the wheel but instead mounted on the board and connected to the wheels via a belt and pulleys. This setup allows for the use of more powerful motors and provides greater torque, making it better suited for climbing hills and accelerating quickly. Although they require more maintenance due to the belts and pulleys, belt-driven systems offer more customization options and can be adjusted for different power and efficiency levels, catering to enthusiasts who prioritize performance.

How to Choose Best Electric Skateboard Motor?

Choosing the best electric skateboard motor involves understanding your specific needs and riding preferences. Firstly, consider the terrain and typical use cases for your skateboard. If you frequently ride on hilly terrain or require fast acceleration, a belt-driven motor offers the higher torque necessary for such conditions. Conversely, for city commuting on relatively flat surfaces, a hub motor provides ample power with the added benefits of being quieter and requiring less maintenance.

Secondly, evaluate the power and performance specifications of the motor. Check the wattage, as higher wattage generally means more power and speed, which can enhance your ride but also drain the battery faster. Make sure the motor's power output aligns with your speed and performance expectations.

Lastly, consider the motor's compatibility with your skateboard design and specifications. Some motors might require specific battery types or configurations. If you find it challenging to determine which motor will best suit your needs, don't hesitate to contact us for personalized advice. By balancing these factors, you can select a motor that best fits your riding style and ensures a satisfying electric skateboarding experience.

MEEPO Electric Skateboard Motors

MEEPO Electric Skateboard Motors are renowned for their exceptional blend of power, efficiency, and durability, making them a top choice among enthusiasts. These motors deliver superior performance due to their high wattage, which ensures swift acceleration and the ability to handle steep inclines with ease.

Our motors also stand out for their innovative design, featuring both hub and belt-driven options to cater to different riding preferences. Additionally, their reliability is unmatched, offering long-lasting service with minimal maintenance requirements. Overall, MEEPO's commitment to quality and innovation ensures riders enjoy a powerful, smooth, and reliable skateboarding experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I replace the motor on my electric skateboard?

Yes, you can replace the motor on your electric skateboard. This process typically involves removing the existing motor from the mount or wheel and disconnecting it from the electronic speed controller (ESC). It’s important to choose a compatible motor that fits your skateboard's setup and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a professional to ensure a proper installation.

Do all electric skateboards use the same type of motors?

No, electric skateboards do not all use the same type of motors. Different models often come equipped with different motor types depending on the design and intended use. Primarily, there are two types of motors used: hub motors, which are integrated directly into the wheels, and belt-driven systems, where the motor is separate and connected to the wheels via a belt. Each type offers distinct advantages in performance, maintenance, and ride experience, catering to various riding preferences and conditions.

How to attach motor to your electric skateboard?

Attaching a motor to your electric skateboard usually involves mounting the motor onto the board's frame and connecting it to the wheel via a belt (for belt-driven systems) or aligning it inside the wheel (for hub motors). Ensure all connections are secure, including the motor to the electronic speed controller. It's crucial to follow specific instructions provided by the motor or skateboard manufacturer to avoid any mechanical issues.

How to determine the type of motor you need?

To determine the type of motor you need for your electric skateboard, consider your typical riding conditions, such as terrain and distance. For rugged terrain or hills, a belt-driven motor is preferable for its torque. For urban environments with flat surfaces, a hub motor is ideal for its efficiency and lower maintenance. For any questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you with the best choice.

Are electric skateboard motors waterproof?

Not all electric skateboard motors are waterproof. While some motors are designed to withstand moisture and splashes, it's essential to check the manufacturer's specifications. Riding in wet conditions can be risky and may damage components not specifically designed to be waterproof. For durability and safety, look for motors labeled as water-resistant or waterproof if you anticipate riding in wet environments.