Avid engineer

Kyle Keller

Kyle is an avid engineer, PEV enthusiast, and sponsored racer. At 24 years old, he took over a burgeoning SDESK8 and in two years has grown it from a group of twenty like-minded individuals to an organization of nearly 800 local members with bi-weekly rideouts, community outreach events, major brand partnerships, a highly resilient PEV repair network, and subdivisions dedicated to PEV safety/education and professional racing.
"Electric skateboarding is completely unlike any other kind of e-mobility; it's portable, fast, and above all else, unbelievably fun. But it's also a niche hobby, one that few people have heard of and even fewer have tried. SDESK8 is how I'm going to change that for good, and MEEPO has been an incredible ally in bringing this sport to the masses. We've used products like the Shuffle, V4, and now the Voyager to teach hundreds of people about esk8; these boards are competitively priced, powerful, and reliable, and they've made it much easier for us to bring this sport to the masses."