Buy a Used Electric Skateboard - Guide

Buy a Used Electric Skateboard - Guide

There is a wide range of used electric skateboards online, which one is better? Most people choose to buy a used electric skateboard just because they have limited budgets, still, some buy a used or second-hand electric skateboard just because they are a beginner, they want to have a try before buying a new one? Whatever the reasons, here are 10 Things You Must Know.

1. Original Receipt with Date of Purchase

Buying a used electric skateboard with an original receipt is the best way to know that your skateboard is genuine and its true age. The original receipt is even more important if the board is still under warranty. Buyers looking for electric skateboards in near-new condition should look for boards still under their original warranty sold by the original purchaser. Whether the warranty is still valid or not, having an original receipt can enhance the value of an electric skateboard. Boards who have been owned by only one owner, who then sells it second hand, have a higher value than boards on their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th owner.

2. How Much Was it Used

If you’re buying a year-old electric skateboard that was used every day vs. a month old board that was tried a few times will greatly affect the number of charges left on your battery. How can you see how much it’s used? Here are some signs of electric skateboard use:

  • Worn down grip tape/recently replaced grip tape
  • Worn down wheels
  • Light damage to PU/wheels from heavy riding
  • Remote hold smoothed down from use
  • Non-original replacement parts

3. Weight Limit

What is the weight limit of the original board? With proper use, riders reaching the maximum weight limit should have no problem doing so on a used electric skateboard. If you are a rider approaching the upper weight limits and find that the board seems “weighed down” perhaps the board’s motor or the battery needs replacement. An electric skateboard shouldn’t have decreased performance over time - the original weight limit is still valid and if the board struggles, something is worn out or not working properly.

If a board struggles with your weight (which is within the weight limits) it could be the board isn’t at its best.

4. Top Speed

Will it be fast enough for you? If you’re ridden electric skateboards before you probably have an idea of how fast you want your board. Most skateboards build for adults can go as fast as an electric bike - plenty fast for most riders. If you need a faster board and speed is key issue, check the original specs on the board to get top speed.

A skateboard’s age shouldn’t affect its ability to reach top speed or very close to top speed. If you cannot reach top speed on the board, it could be there are some issues with the board.

For riders who don’t need so much speed, a used board is often the first choice. In the case of many boards, an older model is just as good, just not designed to go as fast. There are two types of riders that this can suit - on-campus riders who don’t generally reach top speed - and regular riders who never reach top speed. While electric skateboards talk a lot about speed, many riders enjoy their boards without ever reaching top speed.

One of the more important principles of electric skateboard safety is going only as fast as you can safely stop. Riders in a variety of environments find that the safest top speed is still less than the board’s max speed. As with any board sport, there are riders who have a need for speed and others who enjoy slower lingering rides. Those who don’t need or want speed may find a great deal on the perfect electric skateboard.

5. Range

Will your used electric skateboard go far enough for your needs? Will it go far enough for you on one charge? If not, is the battery easy to swap and readily available for purchase?

If you’re a seasoned electric skateboarder, you probably have a great idea of what you need for range. If you haven’t tried electric skateboarding yet, it might be a bit more difficult to guess what you might need.

Are you going to be using it to get to/from work/school? In that case, you can calculate the distance and see if the board will go that far on a single charge. Here are a few things to keep in mind if the range of the board is close to the range you need

  • Going uphill/downhill braking will reduce the overall range of the board
  • Riders who are heavier/towards the top end of the weight limit will put more strain on the board, using more power, and ultimately decreasing range
  • Push starting, foot braking, and drifting without acceleration or braking can increase the range
  • Some high powered boards are designed to have fast-swap batteries, so the range can be deceiving - calculate range using both batteries (if applicable)
  • Don’t rely solely on what the seller says - check the range with the manufacturer based on the model of the skateboard.

6. Is in Working Order/Fixable

Who wants to buy a broken electric skateboard? Or one missing a vital part? Believe it or not, there is a robust community electric skateboard makers, DIYers, and tinkerers waiting for great deals like these. When you buy an electric skateboard used you’ll find a mix of nearly-new complete electric skateboards ready to ride to boards that seem more like a box of parts.

If you want a board that’s ready to ride, choosing an electric skateboard that’s in good working order is the best way to start. If you’re a seasoned DIYer and want to make it a project, starting with an out of order board can be a fun project. Used electric skateboards are found in all types of conditions, make sure are getting one in the condition that you want.

7. What’s Included?

In order for the skateboard to be usable, you need all parts of the board included. Without all the parts, you won’t be able to test the board and that’s a risk you might not want to take. It’s not unusual that someone loses or breaks parts of the board, then wants to sell. Don’t buy someone’s unfinished unworking board unless you’re looking for a project.

How can you tell an electric skateboard has all its parts?

Go to the original manufacturer’s website to learn about your board, what it needs to function, what normally comes with a purchase, and then compare it to the second-hand offer. Skateboards missing vital parts (like a remote) won’t work until you get the part. It’s not so fun to get your new board home to realize there’s no battery.

Know the board you are buying before you buy it.

8. Parts & Accessories Available

Whether your used board is in perfect condition or needs a few things, buying a board with ample parts and accessories available is a great idea to have the best riding experience. There are two issues here - parts and accessories. Experienced electric skateboarders know that parts run out, break, and need to be replaced. Electric skateboards are a complex personal transport vehicle - the ability to replace broken parts is essential.

Accessories are fun, but not a must. If you’re buying a second hand Meepo, for example, you know that you can buy all of the accessories (bash guard, skateboard bag) that fit your board perfectly.

Having the ability to get parts and accessories for your electric skateboard is a must-have if you’re buying second hand. You don’t want to buy a skateboard from a company that no longer exists or who doesn’t have a long term commitment to its riders.

This is a segue to #9, which is brand reputation.

9. Brand Reputation

Everybody loves a good brand name and over time electric skateboard companies have built a reputation for their products and services. If you see a brand you’ve never heard of, maybe there is a reason why. With the electric skateboard marketplace becoming more mature, industry leaders like Meepo are more reliable than newcomers or those in it just for profit.

Meepo has a commitment to bring electric skateboarding to more people around the world. It’s the only thing we do and we’re 100% dedicated to making the best. You can see our fans on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and more love our electric skateboards.

10. Price

Who doesn’t want a great deal on an electric skateboard? If you want to save money, buying second hand can be a great way to get an electric skateboard you might not normally be able to afford. But is it worth it?

We looked at some used electric skateboards and found some amazing deals, but also some amazing duds. Here is an idea of what you might expect to buy based on budget:

Under $100

  • Performance Boards 3+ Years Old
  • Performance Boards Missing Major Parts (motors, decks)
  • Cheap Boards - Range <10miles (16kph), Speed <15 miles (24kph)

$100 to $300

  • Performance Boards 1 - 3 Years Old
  • Performance Boards Missing Minor Parts (remote, wheels)
  • Lightly Used Boards


  • Performance Boards <1 Year Old
  • Complete Working Board with No Missing Parts
  • Original Receipt from Original Owner
  • Can range from $300 for budget-oriented boards to $800+ for luxury models.

Whether you’re buying your first used electric skate board or your seventh, choosing the right pre-owned electric skateboard can make all the difference in your electric skateboarding experience. 

Make also sure to check out the Refurbished Boards that we sell on our website.

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