Commuting to Work on a Skateboard: 10 Tips

Commuting to Work on a Skateboard: 10 Tips

10.) Invest in a backpack designed for laptops if you’re skating with your laptop to avoid back strain. Technology has made laptops lighter, but specialized laptop backpacks have a lot of technologies to keep your back happy. You might also be carrying books, notebooks etc. which you can’t just put into a plastic bag and carry in one hand while you are riding your board.

9.) Plan for the weather, or potential weather. Check the weather for the whole day and commute home before you leave in the morning. Days with heavy rain you might want to bring a skateboard bag and find a different way home. Please don’t forget that water can damage your board.

8.) Protect yourself. It goes without saying that you’ll be wearing a helmet, but consider protecting yourself in other ways. Those who choose to wear full protective gear sets are the safest. For those who ride with just a helmet or at very low speeds, be sure to cover exposed skin in case of a fall. When you’re riding in the morning the sun can be super bright, protect your eyes and skin from the sun with sun protection cream and sunglasses. Check out our protective gear for electric skateboards. Also make sure not to drink alcohol before riding.

7.) Eat well. While riding your board in the morning isn’t the most demanding of exercises, doing it on a totally empty stomach is not advised. Having some food and/or drink before you skate can improve your concentration and reduce the chance of injury due to low blood sugar.

6.) Bring a refresher bag of toiletries. People who skateboard to work recommended the following: deodorant (in case you commute in places where it’s hot) and eye drops (your eyes might get try from riding, from the wind). As you ride to work you’ll find out what kind of toiletries help you transition from riding to working. You might also want to take a small first aid kit and a skate tool, just in case.

5.) Find out the rules of the building where you work about bringing in skateboards. Some buildings have rules about bringing in skateboards or personal transport items, such as that they have to be in a skateboard bag. Other offices it’s a free for all. Before you try commuting with your board, especially if you work in a high-security building, find out their skateboard policy. Customers have reported cases to us where they weren’t allowed to take their board into an office building because the guard at the entrance considered it to be an electric scooter.

Video above: how using your board can be quicker than driving... 

4.) Don’t get left without battery! Riders who have been commuting for years know that forgetting the charger is the worst if you use your whole charge on the way to work. Savvy riders keep an extra charger at work to avoid this inevitable issue. Think about how many phone chargers you have - buying two for an electric skateboard you use to commute with is smart and will make sure you’re not left at work with no way to charge. Or vice versa. You won’t arrive home and remember that your charger is sitting under the desk. Buy a charger for home and a charger for the office and you never have to worry about this again.

3.) Explore. So you’ve been riding your electric skateboard to work for a year and you have seen it all… so how about exploring? Try taking a bike trail you’ve never ridden on before or cruising bike lanes just for fun. If you live near the beach, you might want to ride on the promenade, even if it makes the commute a little longer, it’s worth it. There is nothing like the fresh breeze and looking at the waves before or after work. We need more fun in our lives - that fun is out there for the grabbing you just need to go get it. Try to take a new way to/ from work at least once a month.

2.) Be courteous and an awesome representative of electric skateboarders. When you’re out riding your board you are an ambassador to everyone who wonders about electric skateboards. Maybe people even stop and ask you questions or just want to say hi. Be nice! All of the people on the sidewalks and on the roads are not just people, they are also the public. And it’s the public’s opinion that will shape rules and laws about electric skateboards. Ride safe, ride courteous and make a good impression. With many states making laws about electric skateboards, scooters, etc. it’s important to show the community the real face of electric skateboard riders.

1.) Riding to work should be fun and make you feel free and relaxed. There is enough pressure at work, let’s at least enjoy the commute! Happy riding!

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