FINALLY: The PU that will make your motors run for years

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We have great news for the eskate community – 100MM PU and 90MM PU are now both replaceable!

As someone who has been deeply involved in building and using electric skateboards for over 2 years now, I am very familiar with hub motors. Knowing these hub motors so well, I strongly believe that Meepo’s Replaceable PU offers riders a huge advantage.

We all know that hub motors get very hot when riding aggressively. That’s just a fact.

And sometimes it can get to over 150 celsius degrees inside the hub if ridden under extreme loads. While that’s a lot of heat, it’s something unavoidable. Those who claim to have solved the heat issue are not being honest. Getting 1080 watts out of 2 wheel sized engines is never something to remain cool.

In early 2017, some motors came with temperature sensors to protect from overheating. This caused the board to stop working every now and then, especially after a long distance brake (braking generates more heat than uphill). More than anything else, this motor protection idea made riding boring and took the joy out of it. In my opinion, we don’t ride to protect a motor or a magnetic chip. We ride the way we want (and as aggressive as we like) and we don’t want to slow down just to protect a damn chip. That’s the freedom and the essence of electric skateboarding.

Therefore, we will not apply a temperature sensor inside a motor and cut the power. Even when the motors get some heat, they will still work great. It’s true that over time, used motors become a little less powerful than new ones. We’ve seen, in 1000 km distance riding, the hub motors power will drop around 5%. And there is another 3-5% drop in the following 3000 km riding. This isn’t a matter of fact, rather my rough guess from my own riding experience. Your uphill speed will be a little slower than a new board, and your brake distance gets longer. But, you will not notice it, because it just happens slowly, little by little. Once you get a new board to compare, you will realize it.

So, what have we decided to do at Meepo to solve this? Our solution is to replace the magnetic chips as well. The reason why a hub motor is becoming less powerful is in the magnetic chips. They have a lower heat tolerance and lose magnetic power because of usage and aging.

You can use 90mm PU on your 100mm motors. And vise versa, you can assemble 100mm PU on your 90mm motors.

In Meepo motor PU, you replace the PU and the magnetic chip together. This PU replacement will give you a better-looking, shiny new motor look from outside plus a newly replaced magnetic chip inside, to make the motor as powerful as a new one!

You can find replacement PU in our accessories:

  1. 100 mm Replaceable PU Sleeves for Hub Motor: 
  2. 90 mm Replaceable PU Sleeves for Hub Motor:


Watch the beginning of the video here as I demonstrate Meepo’s new replaceable PU: 

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