Newest update- How Meepo Handle COVID2019

Hi Eskaters and Meepo riders


The rapidly changing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a source of uncertainty for all of us. We know you’re concerned and so are we. 

At times like this communication is key. I’m writing today to share what we’re doing in response to this public health crisis and to let you know how we’ll continue to provide you with the high level of support and service you’ve come to expect from us at Meepo. 

First and foremost, the health and safety of our community—our employees, customers, and partners—is our top priority. 

We’ve been closely monitoring the situation and following the guidance of public health experts. The good news is, here in Shenzhen China, we see 0 affected in a line in the past 2 weeks. And we have been protected by the gov from getting affected by outside.

Meepo Factory recovered fully. We now assemble dozens of Meepo boards every day to prepare for spring Pre-summer sales.
As of now, nothing has changed with our support hours or the way you contact our team. You have access to our help center, our support team is ready to help. 

The entire team at Meepo is committed to build the most reliable electric skateboards and provide next-level customer service in the Year 2020. Thank you for continuing to trust Meepo. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out.  

All the best, 

Kieran Mao
CEO, Customer Support



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Best purchase by far!!

Houghton April 06, 2020


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HUfuEbAy March 26, 2020

Gosh, there are some real assholes in this comment section! You will get your boards. Pardon this company while they deal with a PANDEMIC! DAMN!!

Nia White March 23, 2020

I have the classic ER and the NLS Pro… Killer boards! just so much fun and speed. smooth acc and breaking….. Wishin Kieran and his team a quick recovery!

Nate March 22, 2020

People, chill out. The world does not revolve around us, the fact that Meepo has been able to start back up is amazing. As north america is now under quarantine, my business is struggling to make orders that aren’t delayed. Thank you Kieran for the update, all will be well in time.

Devon Humphries March 21, 2020

I placed my order March 6th and it still has not even shipped. Be aware

Jonarthur Duncan March 21, 2020


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I own a Meepo Board Mini for 2 years now.
Works perfect and there was no need to change parts.
For that price nothing to be afraid of.

Daniel Freud March 18, 2020

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