Thank you for riding 5 million rides!

Thank you for riding 5 million rides!
Electric skateboards are our passion - it’s with great pride that we announced 30,000 riders in 70 countries this August. In order to celebrate this milestone, we started thinking about other numbers. For example, how many miles/km has each rider has put on their board? We came up with a number - 9,000,000 miles/ 14,484,000 km - that’s calculating each rider as ridden 300 miles/ 480 km. In reality, Meepo riders could have ridden much more.

It’s pretty cool knowing that Meepo riders have gone so far and we started wondering kind of effect that could have on our bank accounts and environment. We calculated the amount of gas that it would take to power a 2018 Ford Focus to cover the same distance - it would take 30,000 gallons (144,000 l) of gas. Combing electric longboard with public transportation is also popular. It’s a “first mile/last mile” solution, which means that it enables people who face challenges for the start and end of their journey. For example, taking the train is a fast 20 minutes to your place of work, but getting to and from the train adds lots of time. An electric skateboard is one of the more flexible personal transportation solutions - it can go as fast as an electric bike, but is as lightweight and portable as a scooter or regular skateboard.

Electric skateboards are reducing our dependence on cars, which means less money on gas and less pollution.

But there is one catch - we want electric skateboarding to be fun! If riding isn’t fun, people won’t do it to save gas or reduce pollution. Riding has to stay fun, which requires some skill, caution, and practice. We also encourage people to use all available safety equipment - remember that most injuries on motor skateboards can be prevented with safety gear.

Hey Meepo Riders….

Have you reduced your dependence on cars or other vehicles since you started skateboarding? What kind of tips would you offer from your experiences? Share in the comments.

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