150mm Honeycomb off-road DIY Electric Skateboard Kit for Voyager and Envy

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  • Superior 150mm Honeycomb Wheels: Broaden your skateboarding horizons, transition seamlessly from street to rugged terrain.
  • Tubeless Design for Enhanced Safety: With no inner tubes, these wheels eliminate the risk of blowouts, ensuring a safer and maintenance-free ride.
  • All-Terrain Adaptability: Navigate through rough trails, sandy paths, or city streets with ease. These wheels provide excellent traction and versatility.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: Transform your board swiftly with our user-friendly upgrade kit, designed for a hassle-free installation process.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Constructed from durable nylon, these wheels are built to last, offering consistent performance ride after ride.
  • Warm Tip: After upgrading to this kit, please be mindful of potential speed wobbles at high speeds. Always prioritize your safety while enjoying your enhanced skateboarding experience.

Note: For Envy users, the motor system needs to be upgraded after the replacement kit,

Packaging List:

  • 2 x Motors
  • 2 x DKP Trucks
  • 4 x 150mm*50mm Honeycomb wheel
  • 2 x Belt
  • 2 x Pulley
  • 1 x Protection Bracket
  • 2x Motor cable fastener

* Fit For MEEPO Voyager / Envy

* NOT Fit for Voyager X Limited / MINI 2 / MINI2 ER / MINI 2S / MINI 2S ER/ MINI5 / V3/V3S / V3 ER/V3S ER/ MINI 3S /  V5  / NLS PRO /AWD PRO / V1 / V2 / FlOW

Style: For Envy