The Iconic Return of MEEPO NLS as the Sleek New MEEPO Envy

The Iconic Return of MEEPO NLS as the Sleek New MEEPO Envy

You may remember the MEEPO NLS, a fan-favorite in the electric skateboard community. It made a significant impact in the world of electric skateboarding with its unique features and stellar performance. Well, guess what? It's back, and it's better than ever, reincarnated as the new MEEPO Envyenvy

The return of this beloved board wasn't an accident. The tireless efforts of a dedicated man named Ryan spearheaded this comeback. Recognizing the demand from users who still craved the original NLS model, Ryan fought to bring back the board that defined a generation of e-skaters.



Ryan’s dedication exemplifies MEEPO's commitment to its community and the company's ability to listen to its users' needs. The NLS 3 was reintroduced as the MEEPO Envy, proving once again that MEEPO values customer feedback and appreciates the loyalty of its riders.

So, what makes the MEEPO Envy stand out from the rest? It's MEEPO's commitment to enhancing user experience, providing real value for money, and incorporating customer feedback into the development process.

The MEEPO Envy offers users an enhanced electric skateboarding experience with its advanced features and high performance. Drawing inspiration from the successful design concept of the best-selling belt drive skateboard Voyager.

MEEPO Envy aims to exceed riders' expectations and provide ultimate satisfaction and enjoyment.

The MEEPO Envy also represents incredible value for money. With a powerful Hobbywing motor and robust Molicel battery cells, the skateboard provides an impressively powerful and smooth ride while covering a distance of up to 24 miles. This is a board designed for riders who want to try the thrill of a belt drive without breaking the bank.

meepo envy

Finally, the MEEPO Envy is a testament to MEEPO's commitment to its customers. This board is the result of numerous customer feedback and rigorous product iterations. It's a physical embodiment of MEEPO's dedication to meeting the needs and desires of its riders and an assurance of their commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, the reincarnation of the MEEPO NLS 3 as the MEEPO Envy marks a significant moment in electric skateboarding. With its enhanced user experience, value for money, and a focus on customer feedback.

MEEPO Envy is set to make waves in the world of electric skateboarding. Be sure to check it out and experience the ride for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

The MEEPO Envy serves as a testament to its commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Rohan Narine

Rohan Narine

Oh yes! It’s arguably the best electric skateboard on the market in its price range!

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