Cyclone 110mm Wheels - Installation Guide

Cyclone 110mm Wheels - Installation Guide

If you have the 110mm Meepo Cyclone Wheels or are interested in getting instructions about how to install them, watch the following Youtube tutorial video: 

Here is a short summary of how to install the wheels: 

  1. Connect the pulleys to the Cyclone Racing Wheels
  2. Use a T-tool to detach the other wheels
  3. Remove the screws and the motor covers
  4. Loosen the motors
  5. Install the Cyclone Racing Wheels
  6. Screw the screws to the motor
  7. Go on a slow test ride and make sure the wheels are properly installed

You can purchase those wheels here >>> 


The Cyclone 110mm Wheelse are compatible with our latest model, Meepo Hurricane, which is the best in class off-road Electric Longboard, designed for carving enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies.


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